Early Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge

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Press of McCalla & Stavely, 1884 - Science - 875 pages
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Page 667 - Resolved, that the clerk of the corporation be requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the family of the deceased.
Page 2 - And there are a Number of others, in Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, and the New England Colonies, who we expect to join us, as soon as they are acquainted that the Society has begun to form itself.
Page 249 - Permit me to avail myself of this opportunity of expressing the sincere grief I feel for the loss of our beloved Rittenhouse. Genius, science, modesty, purity of morals, simplicity of manners, marked him as one of nature's best samples of the perfection she can cover under the human form.
Page 227 - the best system of liberal education and literary instruction, adapted to the genius of the Government of the United States; comprehending also a plan for instituting and conducting public schools in this country, on principles of the most extensive utility.
Page 131 - A model accompanied with a drawing and description of a machine for working a boat, against the Stream, by means of a Steam Engine, was laid before the Society by JOHN FITCH At a meeting of the American Philosophical Society, on December 2d.
Page 354 - No member shall speak more than twice to the same question, without leave of the House ; nor more than once, until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
Page 452 - Literature, to use their endeavours to form a Collection of Original Documents, such as Official and Private Letters, Indian Treaties, Ancient Records, Ancient Maps, and such other Papers as may be calculated to throw light on the History of the United States, but more particularly of this State, to be preserved among the archives of this Society for the public benefit.
Page 667 - Chapman, Kane, Meigs, Vaughan, Patterson, Pickering, Lukens, Bell, Moore.) Marshall's death : " The President stated that the meeting was called for the purpose of taking measures to do honor to the memory of their late member Chief Justice Marshall." The following preamble and resolutions, presented by Dr. Chapman, were adopted : "The American Philosophical Society having heard with the deepest sorrow of the death of their illustrious Associate Chief Justice Marshall, and being eager to evince their...
Page 157 - Fitch, yet, as early as 1788, he published "A Plan wherein the power of Steam is fully shown, by a new-constructed Machine for propelling Boats or Vessels of any burden against the most rapid streams or rivers with great velocity, etc.
Page 8 - A Society having subsisted for some time in this City under the name of the American Society held at Philadelphia for promoting and propagating useful Knowledge, whose Views have been nearly the same with those which are published of the American Philosophical Society, and it being judged that the Ends proposed by both could be carried on with more advantage to the Public if a Union could take place between them, it is proposed that such a Union may take place.