Metric Primer

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American metric bureau, 1878 - Metric system - 48 pages
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Page 21 - ... prescription paper being regarded by the pharmacist as representing grams, unless the contrary is expressly stated; the fractions are always decimal. The table is easily learned. It consists of six words, as prefixes, whether we deal with grams, liters, or meters. These are: deci for tenth, centi for hundredth, milli for thousandth; deka for ten, hekto for hundred, kilo for thousand. Having these few words, the terms of troy, avoirdupois, and apothecaries' weight, and of liquid measure, may be...
Page 11 - Ten mills make one cent; ten cents make one dime; ten dimes make one dollar; ten dollars make one eagle.
Page 11 - That is, ten units make one ten, ten tens make one hundred, ten hundreds make one thousand, and so on.
Page 13 - The Meter is the base of the system, and is the one tenmillionth part of the distance on the earth's surface from the equator to either pole, or 39.37079 inches.
Page 42 - An apothecary uses, from a glass holding a cubic decimeter of distilled water, one cubic centimeter every hour. How much does he use in 12 hours ? How many cubic centimeters are left?
Page 46 - Wilt you repeat the table of measure of capacity ? 10 milliliters (ml.) make 1 centiliter, el. 10 centiliters make 1 deciliter, dl. 10 deciliters make 1 liter, 1. 10 liters make 1 dekaliter, Dl. 10 dekaliters make 1 hektoliter, III.
Page 25 - If a train of cars runs 60 Km. an hour, what distance does it run in 24 hours?
Page 46 - If a milkman sells 50 liters of milk to one customer, 25 liters to another, 10 liters to a third, a double liter to a fourth, and a half-liter to a fifth, how much does he sell to all?
Page 42 - At $2.00 a ster, what would be the value of the wood in the yard?

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