The Mate of the Good Ship York: Or, The Ship's Adventure

Front Cover
Page, 1902 - 351 pages

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Page 316 - There's not so much for you to do, For green to port keeps clear of you.
Page 29 - But why? He could not have explained, and neither can I. Every movement was full of beauty and piquancy, and she wore her hair parted a little on one side. " Is your bedroom comfortable ? " asked Hardy. " A sweet, old-fashioned little room," she said, " and the bed's a four-poster. It has curtain rings, and if I tremble
Page 115 - She has not hurt us, I think." " I saw a man fall as if stabbed," said Hardy. " Back the topsail ! I'll keep the ship hove to till we can see," exclaimed the captain, whose attention, concentrated by the sudden blackness into which the ship had floated, was wholly in the
Page 56 - of chronometers in his window, stood upon his doorstep howling, " Police ! " They turned the corner, and the notes of the organ died away behind them, and after a little walking they arrived at an eating-house with big windows, and a sheet of paper stuck upon the glass with red wafers, telling what was to be eaten inside.
Page 348 - of a sailor. orders through you. Your men would not accept my command." " Quite right, sir," answered the boatswain, cheerfully, " and if you will turn me to at once I will turn them men to immediately after. But I beg you won't overtire yourself, sir. And the lady has helped you! And that's a beautiful dog of
Page 127 - without a navigator. What are we to do ? " ' You shall have a navigator," exclaimed Captain Layard, and he looked toward the forecastle, but the Frenchman had disappeared. The man bowed and said, " It was a cold-blooded assassination. They had been quarrelling all the voyage. The villain chose the right moment,
Page 135 - They could see the man rushed to the nape of his neck to the yard-arm block, then fall, bringing up with a sudden belaying of that gallows-rope, and the hanging man began to swing like a pendulum of death midway betwixt the yard-arm and the feathering surface of the sea.
Page 100 - were reported as burning bravely. The ship now had little more than steerage way, and the captain, after looking into the compass, and after repeating his instructions to the second mate to keep his best ear seawards and on either bow, said he would send the dog on deck, and returned to the cabin. CHAPTER VI. THE SHIP'S LOOKOUT CAPTAIN
Page 59 - it." Julia looked down, and Captain Smedley studied her for a few moments, then wheeled abruptly, and stepped over to his wife. After a brief confab they both came to Hardy's table, and Mrs. Smedley was introduced to Miss Armstrong and her companion.
Page 69 - thoughtfully. Have you a stewardess ? " asked Hardy. Yes," replied Smedley, " she has been in the ship four voyages." " What's the pay? " asked Hardy. " Four pounds a month." " Does she sign the ship's articles? " " All the same as if she were an AB,

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