Blood, Death, Drugs & Sex in Old Mexico

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Createspace Independent Pub, Jun 5, 2012 - Fiction - 226 pages
South of the U.S. border in Old Mexico trouble has been brewing since Felipe Calderon was elected president and began a reign of terror onto the cartels. Their response has been to kidnap, torture, kill and dismember anyone they don't like. The displays of dismembered bodies on public streets in major metropolitan areas is startling.No one is safe. Victims include elected officials, government employees, reporters, musicians, religious leaders, law enforcement, illegals trying to make a new life for themselves and innocent bystanders who get in the way of a stray bullet. Truly, Mexico is lawless.Big U.S. bucks from the sale of drugs, illegal workers, counterfeit movies and music are flooding into Mexico. An estimated $50 billion a year is making its way across the Rio Grande. This is the second largest influx of foreign cash into Mexico after petroleum products, and eighty percent is profit. Millions of palms are being greased by this drug money to look the other way. No one wants it to stop.The Mexican saying “silver or lead” means: allow the cartel to operate as it wants and make money, or fight us and die from a lead bullet. On the average of one a month, town mayors and law enforcement people are being kidnapped, tortured and killed. Recently two of the highest level military men in Mexico were arrested for suspicion of taking cartel drug money.This is the first known English account of cartel life today. It follows a fictional aging drug kingpin as he navigates through his world which has been turned upside down. The twists and turns in this story are as entertaining as the relationships are captivating. Enjoy!

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About the author (2012)

Josť Gutierrez Aire is the author's pen name. The author has spent much time in Mexico and has lived in various locals along the Rio Grande from Brownsville to El Paso, as well as in southern Arizona and California. In addition to doing extensive research on the Rio Grande, Mexican history and the Mexican Cartels, the author has been formally educated in the writing field. Part of the motivation for the creation of this book is to make more people aware of what is happening in Mexico. The author wishes to thank many folks who will remain anonymous for assisting in the creation of this work. The author can be reached at

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