William Wycherley

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Vizetelly & Company, 1888 - 508 pages
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Page iv - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! Heard words that have been So nimble and so full of subtle flame As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life.
Page 383 - Why, don't you know, good captain, that telling j truth is a quality as prejudicial to a man that would thrive in the world, as square play to a cheat, or true love to a whore ? Would you have a man speak truth to his ruin ? You are severer than the law, which requires no man to swear against himself.
Page 380 - Man. A lord ! What, thou art one of those who esteem men only by the marks and value fortune has set. upon /em, and never consider intrinsic worth!
Page 402 - Then she bestows as unfortunately on her face all the graces in fashion, as the languishing eye, the hanging or pouting lip; but as the fool is never more provoking than when he aims at wit, the...
Page 431 - King's-bench, bluster, sputter, question, cavil ; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court ; and then you do my business. Talk what you will, but be sure your tongue never stand still ; for your own noise will secure your sense from censure : 'tis like coughing or hemming when one has got the"} belly-ache, which stifles the unmannerly noise J Go, dear rogue, and succeed ; and I'll invite "thee, ere it be long, to more soused venison.
Page 254 - I'll reckon you up the advantages I am like to have by my stratagem. First, I shall be rid of all my old acquaintances, the most insatiable sorts of duns, that invade our lodgings in a morning.
Page 337 - ... I should soon discover it. — Stay — now I think on't too, Horner said he was sorry she had married Sparkish ; and her disowning her marriage to me makes me think she has evaded it for Homer's sake: yet why should she take this course?
Page 271 - But why, sir, is marriage an enemy to you now ? because it robs you of your friend here ? for you look upon a friend married, as one gone into a monastery, that is, dead to the world.
Page 284 - Ay, sister; but you came young, and just from the nest to your cage: so that I thought you liked it, and could be as cheerful in't as others that took their flight themselves early, and are hopping abroad in the open air. Mrs.
Page 387 - Gazet>. writer, out-swear a Knight of the Post, out-watch a Pimp, out-fawn a Rook, outpromise a Lover, out-rail a Wit, and outbrag a Sea-Captain : All this thou canst do, because thou'rt a Coward, a thing I hate ; therefore thou'lt do better with the World than with me ; and these are the good courses you must take in the World.

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