A Manual of Rules, Tables, and Data for Mechanical Engineers

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1891 - 984 pages
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Page 418 - A Report to the Navy Department of the United States on American Coals, Applicable to Steam Navigation, and to other purposes.
Page 201 - Gold and silver. Gold and iron. Gold and lead. Gold and copper. Gold and iridium. Gold and nickel. Silver and copper. Iron and bismuth. Iron and antimony. Iron and lead. Tin and lead. Tin and palladium. Tin and antimony. Nickel and arsenic. Zinc and antimony.
Page 127 - Thus it is a law of the nature of water that under the mean pressure of the atmosphere at the level of the sea, it boils at 212 Fahrenheit.
Page 24 - To find the area of a segment of a circle: Find the area of the sector which has the same arc, and also the area of the triangle formed by the chord of the segment and the radii of the sector.
Page 24 - To find the area of a circle, multiply the square of the diameter by .7854.
Page iii - CE A Manual of Rules, Tables and / Data for Mechanical Engineers. Based on the most recent investigations. Illustrated with numerous diagrams.
Page 1 - To draw a perpmdicular to a straight line, from a given point in that line, Fig. 2. — With any radius, from the given point A, in the line...
Page 27 - To twice the length of the base add the length of the edge ; multiply the sum by the breadth of the base, and by one-sixth of the height.
Page 23 - To find the area of a triangle, multiply the base by the perpendicular height, and take half the product.
Page 897 - This circumstance therefore agrees nearly with the theory. 2. The resistance to the same surface, is nearly as the square of the velocity ; but gradually increasing more and more above that proportion, as the velocity increases.

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