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Lee Strobel's book got really big when I was in college and he makes a really good argument for why the Creationism theory isn't so far-fetched. I really love his stuff - he looks at everything ... Read full review

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The case for christ
This book is about the authors journey towards recjeving Christ j to his life. It directly shows the conversations he had with some of the brightest minds in the country. It
explains in wonderful detail how he came to these conclusions and gives outside references for a more in depth search. Loved it! 

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Very persuasive - very clear
This book laid out clearly the arguments being made for the historicity of Jesus, and the arguments for belief in the Christian religion. It was fundamental to my
religious development, and I can honestly say that it was the catalyst for me to stop being a Christian. Very helpful for those with doubts or questions. It explains in detail the factors guiding the Nicene Council, and helps illuminate the facts around traditional Christian historians such as Josephus and Titus. It also offers some perspective on the various dialectics surrounding the theories of Christ's existence. 

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Same old ,Same old ! Another example of seeing what we believe rather than believing what we see. If you were instructed by a voice from beyond or with in ( esoterically or exotically ) to sacrifice your son daughter or even your pet animal by cutting their throat to demonstrate your belief would you believe what you heard or hear what you believe? Then what would you do ? Along with this concept name me just one idea concept or symbol that doesn't have a counter idea concept or symbol . Hopefully this gives Lee Strobel the insurance needed to enter the pearly gates and be given a pass by St. Peter . I recommend for anyone who wants to question the dynamics of all belief regardless of wether you be a Atheist or Christian both which are but mental constructions . 

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