The Workers' International

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Swarthmore Press Limited, 1920 - Comintern - 125 pages

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Page 87 - If war threatens to break out it is the duty of the working class in the countries concerned, and of their parliamentary representatives, with the help of the International Socialist Bureau as a means of coordinating their action, to use every effort to prevent war by all the means which seem to them most appropriate, having regard to the sharpness of the class war and to the general political situation.
Page 87 - Should war none the less break out, their duty is to intervene to bring it promptly to an end, and with all their energies to use the political and economic crisis created by the war to rouse the populace from its slumbers, and to hasten the fall of capitalist domination.
Page 90 - Under the influence of this, and driven by the movement of the working classes which is daily becoming stronger, a social reaction has set in against the exploiting tendencies of capital, a counteraction which, although it still proceeds timidly and feebly, yet does exist, and is always drawing more departments of economic life under its influence.
Page 5 - The object has been to produce the books at a price that shall not be prohibitive to people of small incomes. For the world cannot be saved by governments and governing classes. It can be saved only by the creation, among the peoples of the world, of such a public opinion as cannot be duped by misrepresentation nor misled by. passion. The difficulties of that achievement can hardly be exaggerated, but ought not to daunt. And the editor ventures to hope for support for men of good will in this one...
Page 13 - Brothers and Friends ! — Do not let our Union be stopped by the sea or rivers, that mark the boundaries of states. Let us put into communication with one another, London, Paris, Manchester, Lyons, Liverpool, Nantes, Bordeaux, Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid, Cadiz, Barcelona, Turin, and all the great centres of industry in the world.
Page 98 - The hope of any real peace under capitalism is declared to be an illusion. The only solution is " the conquest of political power and the ownership of capital by the peoples themselves ; the real durable peace will be the fruit of triumphant Socialism.
Page 76 - All socialists see anarchy as the following programme: once the aim of the proletarian movement, ie, abolition of classes, is attained, the power of the State, which serves to keep the great majority of producers in bondage to a very small exploiter minority, disappears, and, the functions of government become simple administrative functions.

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