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While I don't always agree with him, I have to say, I really love Rush Limbaugh. This biography was a nice tribute by a guy who also doesn't always agree with him but appreciates him. Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him. Read full review

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Half a dozen three-sentence reviews for a book about Rush Limbaugh... And they don't appear to be real reviews - more like obligatory or "bot" reviews.
So where are the thirty million Americans who
support this demagogue? Where are their accounts of how this book is or is not worth reading? A book about Michael Jackson would have thousands of reviews. But the ever present Limbaugh? Nada.
What's going on here?
What's going on is that the fans of Limbaugh have nothing to say. They never do. That was evident when they dubbed themselves "Ditto-Heads" 20 years ago. The people who love Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck (Glenn, not the songwriter/singer who stole Beyonce's Grammy) and the like are not the sort of people who can form thoughts of their own - well, at least not political thoughts.
In my experience, they are people who feel a great frustration about the demise of exclusive white power in America, but every time they try to construct a sentence about it they become internally embarrassed by their own hatred and racism. So they shut up and wait for Limbaugh or someone on the FOX NEWS network to do the talking.
But it's tricky even then. After all, these pundits have a difficult job; That of expressing hatred and racism without sounding hateful and racist - at least to the untrained ear.
So how about I talk just a bit for the other 270 Million people of America - just this once?
Okay, here goes:
This book is not worth anybody's time or money. Why? Because it about one of the most destructive voices in America - a voice that attempts to lend credence to the practice of holding ill will toward certain targeted others, AND because it makes no attempt to blow Limbaugh's deceptive cover as a respectable citizen who simply speaks a neglected "truth" on the behalf of 30 million deaf mutes. On the contrary, the book adds a little sheen to this false image.
The fact that Limbaugh's actual inhumanity to man is not exposed in this book means that the author secretly(!) approves or doesn't care about the single biggest flaw of the man whose life he is showcasing. So this book is a pretend biography - a fawning apologist's biography of an unworthy icon.
Chuck Rhodes
PS: The author says Rush has "taken on the giants of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party". By my definition of "taken on", nothing could be further from the truth. Rush will not appear in any venue where there is the slightest chance of real debate. He is a nothing more than a peanut gallery - billionaire style, accountable to no one.

Review: Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One

User Review  - Ray - Goodreads

If you have ever listened to Rush this is a great insight into his life. Read full review

Rush Army of one

User Review  - flabbydude - Walmart

The book arrived quickly and cleanly. It is a great book. Read full review

Interesting read

User Review  - VEK424 - Walmart

Not through with it yet but I'm enjoying the book! Read full review

Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One

User Review  - Zenmaster6473 - Walmart

I expected this to be a hit piece on Rush but I bought it anyway. Turned out to be a well written and very balanced book. Showed both sides of issues, let readers learn about Rush's upbringing and what has led to his success. I very much encourage all that love or hate to read and learn more. Read full review

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