The Doll & Teddy Bear Department: Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks of the 1950's and 1960's

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Thomas W. Holland
Windmill Press, 1997 - Antiques & Collectibles - 192 pages
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The Sears, Roebuck and Company's catalogs, published since 1896, always included toys and dolls for children even from its earliest days. Millions of kids watched their mailboxes each year for the postman's delivery of the Sears Christmas Wishbook... the unofficial start of the holiday season... and the official start of a kid's Christmas list. That's probably why the nickname "Wishbook" stuck.

Today those old catalogs, so much a part of our childhood memories, are virtually lost. However, the toys and dolls pictured in those pages have become hot collectibles. Doll and teddy bear collectors number in the millions, with numerous magazines and nationwide conventions catering to them.

And now there's big news! Those lost Wishbook pages from the Baby Boomer years of the Fifties and Sixties, jammed full of wonderful dolls and cute teddy bears, have been reproduced in The Doll & Teddy Bear Department, an exciting new book containing authorized reproductions of the best doll and teddy bear pages from 1950 through 1969.

This 8 fi x 11 softcover book's 192 pages illustrate hundreds of now-collectible dolls and teddy bears... from the wildly popular to the obscure and rare: Barbi and Ken, Shirley Temple, Mme. Alexander, Lucy and Desi's Little Ricky, Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, and hundreds of other dolls. Collectible teddy bears large and small are represented too, along with dollhouses and doll accessories... and their original low selling prices! Included is a commentary on the dolls, manufacturers and historical relevance.

No book this comprehensive has ever been published before. If you are a collector, you must have The Doll & Teddy Bear Department Even if you're not a collector, you'll love seeing these charming Wishbook pages again for the happy memories that will return. Chances are you'll spot a long forgotten childhood friend here, too!
-- Jam-packed with warm and happy childhood memories. Hundreds of photographs and illustrations with accompanying commentary

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