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My Sisters Keeper

User Review  - saramartin -

I saw the trailer for the movie and right away I had to find the book to read. I love to read the books before I watch the movies. I love this book. I cant put it down. Read full review

wonderful story

User Review  - dchi06 -

I could not put this book down. I loved it from beginning to end there were no parts that bored me. Very interesting novel and it taught me a few things that I did not know. Would recommend and ... Read full review

My Sisters Keeper

User Review  - chrisilou99 -

The book is excellentso many more details than the moviethough the movie was great tootwo different types of art.I look forward to reading it every daythats the kind of book I love. Read full review

my sisters keeper

User Review  - debaz -

This was one of the best books I ever read. she did a great job with this one. I am currently reading change of heart it doesnt seem to hold my interest as well. I saw the movie and was very disappointed. Read full review

Love It!

User Review  - pandacakes15 -

This book was a GA Peach book at my high school && i fell in love with it by the first page. I loved the book from cover to cover. I would definatley recommend this book. ... Read full review

great book

User Review  - madamo -

got this for my grandmother and she loved the book. I read it before her and had to get her a copy. Read full review

My Sisters Keeper

User Review  - daytrippin -

Im only about half done with this book.So far its easy to get into and easy reading.Im enjoying it so far! Read full review

Book blew me away!

User Review  - meowgal12 -

One of Jodi Picoults best books! I loved how she wrote in different Voices with each chapter to depict the characters viewpoints. Amazing. HIGHLY recommend! Read full review


User Review  - kavitav -

This is a great book! I am beginning to love Jodi Picoult. Thhe first book I read was The Pact and now this book surpress that one!Great READ!!!!! Read full review

My Sisters Keeper

User Review  - coann -

Great book. It presents a situation that most people will never find themselves in like most of Picoults books. Keep a box of tissues near by while reading tho! Read full review

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