The guardian of the threshold. The soul's awakening

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Page 55 - Earth's beginning granted men Knowledge, when they, still guided by the gods, Obeyed the spirit, knowing nought of self. But since that time each soul of man hath been The place in which thou fightest 'gainst the gods.
Page 128 - ... own self and loves to feel alive. But, more than any other spirit, man Requires a God who doth not only ask For admiration when his outward form Reveals itself in glory to the soul, But One who radiates His highest power When He Himself doth dwell within man's soul, And loving unto death foretelleth life.
Page 126 - She treasures them for what they may bring forth And asks how she can mould and use the life Which is created out of cosmic depths.
Page 128 - And loving unto death foretelleth life. A man may turn to Lucifer and feel Inspired by beauty, or some splendour bright: And yet so live his life within himself That Lucifer can...
Page 127 - Although upon his beauty it may look Ne'er may it fall 'neath Lucifer's fell sway Lest he should gain the power to work within. When he, the bearer of the light, sends forth His rays of wisdom and the worlds are filled With haughty sense of self, and with...
Page 136 - Maria urges Johannes to discriminate between truth and self-delusion which can be done by the study of elemental sprites.
Page 56 - The fruits of love can only come to man When they are brought to him from realms divine.
Page 137 - Era when candidates for initiation will get the hidden light independently and not under the hypnotic suggestion of the guiding priest.
Page 127 - As bearer of the light to man's soul-sight When it would seek to gaze on spirit-space. But then the human soul will always wish To waken also in its inmost depths What it can only gaze on and admire.

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