The Valleys of Tirol: Their Traditions and Customs, and how to Visit Them

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1874 - Tyrol (Austria) - 453 pages
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Page 5 - Juliet as the incremation of her palace and the contingent young Capulets with which it might be stocked. This, now, is something like. Or take Lord Campbell in his conjectural pamphlet on the question whether Shakespeare...
Page 218 - And a' the bells o' merry Lincoln, Without men's hands were rung ; And a' the books o' merry Lincoln, Were read without man's tongue ; And ne'er was such a burial Sin Adam's days begun.
Page 53 - Thy humble virtues, hospitable home, And spirit patient, pious, proud and free; Thy self-respect, grafted on innocent thoughts; Thy days of health, and nights of sleep; thy toils, By danger dignified, yet guiltless ; hopes Of cheerful old age and a quiet grave, With cross and garland over its green turf, And thy grandchildren's love for epitaph ; This do I see — and then I look within — It matters not — my soul was scorch'd already!
Page 8 - L' una vegghiava a studio della culla , E consolando usava l' idioma, Che pria li padri e le madri trastulla : L' altra traendo alla rocca la chioma , Favoleggiava con la sua famiglia De' Troiani, e di Fiesole, e di Roma.
Page 217 - Throw down the ba, ye Jew's daughter, Throw down the ba to me!" "Never a bit," says the Jew's daughter, "Till up to me come ye.
Page 1 - A thousand, thousand colors not their own : And at her bidding, lo ! a dark descent To Tartarus, and those thrice happy fields, Those fields with ether pure and purple light Ever...
Page 120 - ... time in honorable service. That this is eminently just, and exactly in accordance with the practice of our government in reference to its military and naval officers, is apparent upon the mere statement. But we may not hope that because of its justice it will be readily acknowledged. The old ideas are too deeply rooted in the minds of the people to be easily eradicated. We shall need to be able to justify the claim by the soundest arguments, and urge it upon the people with the utmost persistence...
Page 119 - Just as it seems really true that at least many of the stories of fair maidens released from the captivity in which they were kept by demoniacal beings 'can be traced back to mythological traditions about the Spring being released from the bonds of Winter, the Sun being rescued from the darkness of the Night, the Dawn being brought back from the far West, the Waters being set free from the prison of the...
Page 6 - ... quiet plasticity is rather founded on our thinking of the sculptures left to us from antiquity, than on the records of the life and doings of the dwellers in Olympos. On the other hand, can it be said that there is a lack of poetical conception in the figure of Wodan, the hoary ruler of the winds and clouds, who, clad in a flowing mantle, careers through the sky on a milk-white horse, from whose nostrils fire issues, and who is followed at night by a host of heroic warriors whom he leads into...
Page 214 - ... indications will render this apparent Among the Pagan Teutonic tribes, as among most ancient nations, the Universe was thought to have been slowly and gradually evolved from an aboriginal state of Chaos, out of which there came first a race of Giants, called Jotun in the Germanic North ; and then only a race of Gods. The Gods had to wage war against the Giants, and finally vanquished them. In all likelihood, the Titans represented torpid, barren Nature ; the Gods, the powers of Life, which struggle...

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