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This book is not for fundamentalist or extremists of religion, but rather it is directed to the moderates. Its aim is to enlighten them of the dangers and silliness of their doctrine. It is a brisk and quick read (less than 2 hours and I am not a speed reader).
While honestly I initially doubted that most religious individuals would read this to the end, I honestly feel that the conclusion wraps up this "letter" very nicely and I highly encourage people to complete it.

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This is the kind book that believers should read but they will never do. Is incredible how Sam Harris can analyze belief system. Easy to read, easy to follow and just simply awesome. A book every non believer should have in order to have a conversation stopper argument.

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I agreed with Sam Harris before I read his book. Saying that, I was floored by how much of a writer Sam Harris is. It was very quick read, I couldn't have spent more than 2 hours reading it. It was also a very point-by-point book; there was no beating around the bush.

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