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User Review  - brikis98 - LibraryThing

I think this book should be required reading for everyone. Although Dawkins can be slightly condescending in his writing, his arguments are extremely well put together and bring up a lot of issues ... Read full review

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User Review  - humblewomble - LibraryThing

Not half as dogmatic as everyone makes out and about twice as smart and clearly laid-out as most. Recommend (and will reread before forming an actual opinion). Read full review

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User Review  - brianinseattle - LibraryThing

For me, it was a life-changing book. While I've almost always considered myself agnostic, it's primarily been out of a lack of caring about religion in general. But Dawkins proved to me that there is no god, and how beautiful life is because of that. Read full review

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User Review  - Seven.Stories.Press - LibraryThing

I love me some Richard Dawkins, and not only because he's the only person who's ever asked me for a photo of my Darwin fish tattoo. Beyond being one of the most attractive and charming evolutionary ... Read full review

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Absolutely superb book. I enjoy it from cover to cover!

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Must read this book.. Splendid!!!

User Review - Flag as inappropriate's no wonder the world... and the visions of man is on a path to self-destruction... man made weapons... with man on a daily maniac rampage of his demise!

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Excellent read and audio book. A great look in abstract on how some of the norms we have/had are laughably irrational.
Thoroughly recommend.

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User Review  - DeanClark - LibraryThing

Wouldn't want to argue the other side with him. Could also be called the Human Delusion or the delusion of humans. Read full review

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User Review  - nmarun - LibraryThing

This book makes you think about quite a few things about religion. It helps to look at the world in a more liberal way. Read full review

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