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must read

User Review  - lioletta -

I loved this book. Read The God Delusion together with my 9 year old son. I support Professor Dawkins views 100%. Very well written and makes a lot of sense. Atheists of the World unite! Read full review

A MustRead for Those Questioning Religion

User Review  - miaukitty -

If your feelings get hurt easily when someone questions your beliefs you will have to toughen up for this read. While Dawkins makes razorsharp logical arguments for everything he sets forth his wit ... Read full review

loved it!

User Review  - pogm -

this book is truly an educational experience as well as a journey into the mind of a true atheist. dawkins challenges current beliefs and misconceptions. time and time again he proves his theory and ... Read full review

Another great one by Dawkins

User Review  - jessie74 -

Couldnt put it down! Dawkins sense of humor puts a smile on my face every time. Every chapter is brilliant and a pleasure to read. Highly recommended!I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. Richard Dawkins Read full review

Must Read

User Review  - bajasam96 -

This is a must read for anybody who considers themselves open minded !! Extremely interesting book!! Read full review

My Appetite for Knowledge was Filled Again

User Review  - agwri -

Since I have eyesight problems I depend upon audio books now.This one must be listened to more than one time.Fill your head with ideas. Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - rhack -

Thought provoking eye opening and long over due. Yopu can learn alot about religion when you take the time to learn a lot about religion. Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - dougf3 -

Being brought up in an extremely religious home its amazing how much more sense a book about atheism can prove. Mr. Dawkins another amazing read! Read full review

The God Reality

User Review  - jck2 -

A must read for both believers and the nonreligious alike. Dawkins subjects faith to the same scientific rigor as all other human endeavors why not Read full review

The God Delusion

User Review  - bookdr -

Dawkins preaches to the choir but his message is a useful one. Read full review

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