Hindu tribes and castes

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Page 259 - Wilson, to the followers of the Yoga or Patanjala school of philosophy, which, amongst other tenets, maintained the practicability of acquiring, even in life, entire command over elementary matter by means of certain ascetic practices.
Page 272 - as the genealogists of proud and ignorant chiefs ; and favoured individuals often combine with that office the station of counsellors, and establish an ascendancy over the minds of their superior, which is stronger from being grounded upon a mysterious feeling of awe. It is to them that the proudest Rajpoot looks for solace in adversity, and -for increased joy and exultation in prosperity
Page 363 - Hindu immigrants. The more I investigate the matter, the stronger do my convictions become, that the Hindu tribes have learnt much from the aboriginal races ; but that, in the course of ages, these races have been so completely subdued, and have been so ground down by oppression, and treated with such extreme rigour and scorn, that, in the present condition of abject debasement in which we find them, we have no adequate means for judging of their original genius and power.
Page 99 - Udaipur, are labourers and cultivators, forming indeed a very considerable proportion of the most industrious husbandmen of Central India
Page 154 - Major in the 49th Regiment of Native Infantry ; and in this position, through his supposed influence with the Resident, became a very considerable man. He knew that, as long as he was at hand, no chakladar...
Page 278 - Panjab the chief civil administrators, and have almost all literate work in their hands. So far as the Sikhs have a priesthood, they are, moreover, the priests or gurus of the Sikhs.
Page 44 - Dhiis and Kaswar of Benares ; also in Majhowa, Simranw, and Mehsi of Champaran, in Behar." To which Mr. Beames adds, " this caste is widely spread all over Northern Behar, Benares, and Gorakhpur; and less frequent in Southern Behar" (a). In Allahabad, there are upwards of a thousand Gautam Brahmans, and in Banda more than three thousand, meaning, I suppose, Bhuinhars. In Gorakhpur, there are thirty thousand ; in Azimgarh, forty-six thousand ; in Jaunpur, three thousand ; inMirzapur, four thousand;...
Page 153 - Sudras, who owned the neighbouring country. The procession then went on to Parenda, and returning conducted the bride to her home. Just before the Holi festival, a party headed by...
Page 365 - Cherus, &c., were the aborigines whom the Aryans had driven to the hills, and who, swarming down from thence not long after the beginning of our era, overwhelmed the Aryan civilization, not only in Sahetan and the other northern towns, but in Ajudhiya itself, drove the Surajbansls under Kanak Sen to emigrate into distant Gujerat, and spread over all (a) Dr.
Page 109 - ... clever, and so, being to a great degree above manual labour, they are an excessive and somewhat oppressive bureaucracy, which not only has ruled Kashmir under every successive Government, but sends out colonies to seek a livelihood throughout Northern India. The Kashmir BrAhmans are quite High Aryan in the type of their features, very fair and handsome, with high chiselled features, and no trace of intermixture of the blood of any lower race. It may be partly race and partly occupation, but they...

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