A Better Day's Profits for the Retailer ...

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Burroughs Adding Machine Company, 1912 - Calculators - 96 pages
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Page 44 - ... 4. Charge depreciation on all goods carried over on which you may have to make a less price because of change in style, damage or any other cause. 5. Charge depreciation on buildings, tools, fixtures, or anything else suffering from age or wear and tear.
Page 32 - This is the vital end of a business. What is the use to sell goods, if profit, the whole purpose of selling, is lost in bad methods of figuring prices. Failure to Charge All Expenses. All expenses are going to come out of the gross profits whether they are put down as a part of the cost of doing business or not. If a man pays out $20 a month for rent, he will not find it to his credit in the bank at the end of the year, even if he doesn't charge it into the expense of doing business. The same applies...
Page 44 - Charge collection expense. 11. Charge any other expense not enumerated above. 12. When you have ascertained what the sum of all the foregoing items amounts to, prove it by your books, and you will have your total expense for the year ; then divide this figure by the total of your sales, and it will show you the per cent which it has cost you to do business. 13. Take this per cent and deduct it from the price of any article you have sold, then subtract from the remainder what it cost you (invoice...
Page 96 - ... our business is as much a matter of personality today as it was in the beginning. Behind each transaction is personal guarantee, and we trust that behind each customer is personal interest in the growth and the perfecting of a system that seeks to interpret the personal desires of each man, woman and child who deals with it. Thus its policy is a composite of the ideas of all its customers, expressing their will in all its undertakings, while its increase and success are, we believe, as much matters...
Page 44 - Charge, in addition to what you pay for hired help, an amount equal to what your services would be worth to others; also treat in like manner the services of any member of your family employed in the business not on the regular pay roll.
Page 44 - Take this per cent and deduct it from the price of any article you have sold, then subtract from the remainder what it cost you (invoice price and freight), and the result will show your net profit or loss on the article. 14. Go over the selling prices of the various articles you handle and see where you stand as to profits, and then get busy in putting your selling figures on a profitable basis, and talk it over with your competitor as well.- — Advertising and Selling.
Page 44 - Charge amounts donated or subscriptions paid. 7. Charge all fixed expenses, such as taxes, insurance, water, lights, fuel, etc. 8. Charge all incidental expenses, such as drayage, postage, office supplies, livery or expenses of horses and wagons, telegrams and telephones, advertising, canvassing, etc. 9. Charge losses of every character, including goods stolen or sent out and not charged, allowance made customers, bad debts, etc.
Page 44 - Charge rental on all real estate or buildings owned by you and used in your business at a rate equal to that which you would receive if renting or leasing it to others.
Page 42 - ... year on the investment. Instead of a fairly profitable business, one salable at a premium for good will, it was found to be a business so nearly unprofitable as to be unsalable. Fixtures and stock were finally sold at a loss. Nothing was received for good will, because there was no good will — only a chance to work for nothing and take the ordinary business risks besides. In scientifically managed stores it has been found that the salaries of the clerks average around nine per cent of the gross...
Page 74 - I've grown skeptical about it. "A man may be at his desk every day and not really know what's happening in his store. "The thing that shows whether a business man's request for credit is right or not is the statement he shows you.

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