A Study of Wulfstan's Homilies: Their Style and Sources...

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J. Murphy & Company, 1897 - 61 pages

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Page 50 - ... fœder ne gesibb gesibban pe ma, pe fremdan. and peodscypas winnad and sacad heom betweonan foran to pam timan, pe pis sceal geweorpan. eac sceal aspringan wide and side 10 sacu and clacu, hoi and hete and rypera reaflac, here and hunger, bryne and blodgyte and styrnlice sty runga, strie and steorfa and felá ungelimpa. and...
Page 11 - Ueberzeugung, dass die Mehrzahl der Wulfstan zugeschriebenen Homilien nichts anders, als blosse von den Abschreibern zusammengestellte Kompilationen aus anderen Homilien sei, mit anderen Worten, dass von den 49 Predigten sehr wenige in der ursprünglichen Gestalt noch vorhanden seien. Zum Theil sind sie reine Stoppelwerke, indem die Schreiber das, was sie in mehreren Vorlagen gefunden, mit mehr oder weniger Geschick zusammengeworfen haben. Beschreibungen der Hölle, der himmlischen Freuden usw, Stücke,...
Page 10 - Napier, finding on examination of the contents that certain parts cannot belong to the same homily, rearranges the order and accepts the portions which in his edition are numbered xix, xx, XXI, xxii as the work of the Archbishop. As to the other homilies in the collection, Napier (ib., p. 7 f.) thinks it is not improbable that many of them may be genuine Wulfstan homilies: " Indessen ist die Möglichkeit nicht ausgeschlossen, dass viele von den übrigen 49 Predigten dennoch von Wulfstan herrühren.
Page 49 - Leofan men, gecnawad, pset sod is: deos woruld is s on ofste, and hit nealsecd pam ende, and dy hit is on worulde a, swa leng, swa wyrse, and swa hit sceal nyde ser Antecristes tocyme yfeljan swyde.
Page 50 - ... gedreht and gedrêfed, and eal hit forwurde, gyf god his hwile ne scyrte; ac godd hiñe fordep pe rapor, fordam pe he wile gebeorhgan pam, de him sylfum syn gecorene ю and gecweme.
Page 52 - B1H. 96. 25 Forpon we sceolon nu gepencean, pa hwile pe we magon & motan, ure saula pearfe, pe Ises we foryldon pas alyfdon tid, & ponne willon ponne we ne magon ; Wulf. 27. 5 ac do nu manna gehwylc, swa him mycel pearf is, geswice yfeles and bete his misdseda pa hwile, pe he mage and mote; ^EH. 1. 268. 31 gif he ®r geswican nolde, pape he mihte and moste.
Page 26 - ... pa hreas he of heofonum and eall, pset him hyrde, and hy gewurdan of englum to deoflum gewordene, and heom wearS hyll gegearwod, and hi pser wunjaiS on ecan forwyrde. setter pain gescop god selmihtig...
Page 43 - In all this we can hardly fail to trace the hand of the good Archbishop jElf heah.
Page 18 - ... there is little doubt that he had in mind the traitors .ZElfric, Eadric, and .ZElfmser, with many others, possibly, whose names we do not know. The memory of the sack of Canterbury and the murder of ^Elfheah, with other occurrences of like nature, doubtless inspired such passages as 1587, "godes hus syndon to clsene berypte ealdra gerihta and innan bestrypte selcra gerysena, and godcunde hadas wseron nu lange swySe forsawene.
Page 59 - LXII, are not in the style of Wulfstan. CONCLUSION. An examination of the accepted homilies of Wulfstan shows that the most prominent features of his style are legal phraseology; heaping of alliterating substantives ; numerous repetitions; accumulation of short sentences, each detailing some separate sin or misfortune ; favorite introductory and final clauses ; intensifying expressions ; rhythm ; and striving after clearness. His weakness in the use of tropes shows a lack of strong imaginative power....

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