British Biography; Or, An Accurate and Impartial Account of the Lives and Writings of Eminent Persons in Great Britain and Ireland ....

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Page 284 - GOD, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my blood, even in the duft. I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman ; but I have the heart
Page 332 - an account of his Life, fays, " Though I lived with him, and knew him from a child, yet I never knew him other than a man ; with fuch fteadinefs of mind, lovely and familiar gravity, as carried grace and reverence above greater years. His talk ever of knowledge, and his very play, tending to enrich his mind
Page 284 - but of a weak and feeble woman ; but I have the heart " and ftomach of a King-, and of a King of England too ; and " think foul fcorn that Parma, or Spain, or any Prince of
Page 116 - in thofe parts. But during the two or three firil days of his preaching, the contending parties obferved fome decorum, and never appeared at church together : at length, however, they met. One party' had been early at church, and juft as Mr. Gilpin began his fermon, the other entered. They flood not long
Page 337 - ' above all, govern your will and affections, by the will and • *' word of your CREATOR ; in me beholding the end of this ** world, with all her vanities!
Page 413 - him have pen, ink, and paper, and help of books, and be " enjoined to continue the ftory where it breaketh off; and I " will undertake, by collating the ftyles, to judge whether he
Page 284 - a more noble or worthy fubjeft ; not doubting but by " your obedience to my General, by your concord in the camp, " and your valour in the field, we
Page 95 - thofe who firft roufe them, from ignorance, and kindle among them the light of literature. Of his manners nothing can be faid but from his own teftimony, and that of his contemporaries. Thofe who mention him, allow him many virtues. His courtefy, benevolence, and liberality, are celebrated ; and of his piety, we have not only the
Page 337 - prefently brought him. But as he was putting the bottle to his mouth, he faw a poor foldier carried along, who had been wounded at the fame time, and who
Page 416 - with about two hundred attendants, armed only with fwords ; and in his way to the city was joined by the Earl of Bedford and Lord Cromwell. He cried, aloud, " For the Queen ! for " the Queen ! a plot is laid for my life ;

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