Latin Pronunciation: A Brief Outline of the Roman, Continental and English Methods

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Ginn & Heath, 1883 - Latin language - 20 pages
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Page 7 - Virgil 85 .75 /CONTAINING Life of the Poet, Introductions, a Synopsis preceding each Book, and an Index of Plants. Also full illustrations from ancient objects of art. The text follows Ribbeck in the main, variations being noted in the margin; and the references are to Allen & Greenough's, Gildersleeve's, and Harkness's Latin Grammars.
Page 6 - CICERO: Select Orations of Cicero, chronologically arranged, covering the entire period of his public life. From the text of Baiter and Kayser.
Page 5 - A book of the very highest authority in Latin Syntax, and admirably adapted to the wants of Teachers and College Classes. NEW LATIN METHOD : a Manual of Instruction in Latin on the Basis of a Latin Method prepared by JH ALLEN and JB GREENOUOH. 12mo. Cloth. 244 pages The " New Method
Page 6 - Chiefly from the text of Ribbeck, with select various Readings, Introductions, Notes, and Index of Plants (compiled chiefly from Fee's Flore de Tirgile, contained in Lemaire's " Bibliotheca Classica Latina").
Page 8 - LATIN PRONUNCIATION. A Brief Outline of the Roman, Continental, and English Methods, by DB KING, Adjunct Professor of Latin in Lafayette College. Contains a few explanatory and historical paragraphs on the Roman, Continental, and English methods...
Page 8 - OF EARLY LATIN, chiefly Inscriptions. Selected and Explained, for use in Colleges, by Frederick D. Allen, Professor of Latin in the University of Cincinnati.
Page 7 - The oiher selections include those of special interest as illustrating the poet's life ; and a list is given of all his writings, with their topics and occasions. The Notes contain brief instructions on scanning at sight. ALLEN & GREENOUGH'S VIRGIL : The Poems of Virgil; Vol. I. containing the Pastoral Poems (Bucolics) and Six Books of the ^neid.
Page 8 - ALLEN'S LATIN READER: Consisting of Selections from Caesar (the invasion of Britain and account of the Gallic and German populations), Curtius (Anecdotes of Alexander), Nepos (Life of Hannibal), Sallust (Juirurtha, abridged), Ovid, Virgil, Plautus, and Terence (single scenes), Cicero and Pliny (Letters), and Tacitus (the Conflagration of Rome).
Page 20 - Words of more than, two syllables are accented on the Penult, if that is long : as, ami'cus ; if it is short or common, then on the Antepenult : as, do'mlnus, a'lacris.
Page 6 - Allen and Greenough's Latin Composition. An Elementary Guide to Writing in Latin. Part I., Constructions of Syntax; Part II., Exercises in Translation. 12mo. Cloth. 194 pages. Mailing price, $1.25; introduction, $1.12.

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