The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Volume 2

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J. Debrett, 1785 - Great Britain
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Page 35 - Sir, fays he, I deny that to be true ; I found the American war when I came into Adminiftration ; I did not create it, it was the war of the country, and approved of by the people at large. Sir, had Parliament been reformed, they would not have exprefled more clearly than the unreformed Parliament did, the opinion of their conftituents on that fubject. But, Sir, I defire once for all, that gentlemen will defift from thofe unfounded aflertions, that I was the author of thofe calamities. If they are...
Page 219 - ... day of July, 1784, payable half yearly, in lieu of all other intereft, the faid annuities to be irredeemable until twenty-five millions of the public debt, bearing intereft at the rate of either three pounds per c?nt.
Page 217 - ... and alfo one other certificate for the fractional part of one hundred pounds, being the remainder of fuch bill or bills...
Page 224 - That there be charged for and upon every yard of fuch gauze, being ftriped or figured gauze, exceeding one yard in breadth, a duty of four pence and fo in proportion for any greater or lefs quantity. That there be charged for and upon every yard of fuch gauze, being plain gauze, and not...
Page 94 - ... there, is almoft entirely fpent in the mother country ; wherefore the petitioners conceive, that no part of the national property can be more beneficially employed for the Public than theirs, nor any interefts better entitled to the protection of the Legiflature; and that the difafters and expences of...
Page 99 - Mr. whitmany petfons in trade, by whom the tax on receipts was breail i wholly evaded, while others, who were willing to obey the laws religioufly, paid the duty on receipts. He then held in his hand a paper, which he had received from a friend, that was fubftantially intended for a receipt, though in point of form it might perhaps not be thought one : the form of it was this —
Page 221 - That there be charged for and upon all tiles, other than fuch as are before enumerated and defcrihed, by whatfoever name or names fuch tiles now are or hereafter may be called or known, a duty, of three (hillings for every thoufand, and fo in proportion for any greater or lefs quantity.
Page 202 - It would be vain and idle to fuppofe all or any of them unexceptionable; but the neceffity of the Public did not leave it in his option to deal otherwife than openly and fairly. The wants of Government were many; the finances of the country had been much reduced, and it was proper, it was neceflary to look our real fituation manfully in the face.
Page 65 - Member; becaufe the motion was not a motion for this or that particular mode of reform, but a motion for the appointment of a Committee to enquire into the ftate of the reprefentation.
Page 36 - ... that can enable him to carry on the profecution againft me ; he has a Houfe of Commons to accufe, he has a Houfe of Lords to judge ; he is mafter of all the written evidence againft me. And, as to parole teftimony, thofe who were my friends, thofe who were in my fecrets, thofe whom...

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