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Its amazing that a book written roughly 75 years ago has so much useful and helpful points that still apply today. While the world has changed quite a bit since Dale Carnegie first write this book, how people want to be treated and spoken to hasn't.
Regardless of your current situation in life, you can learn something valuable from this book. If you have never read this book, it is a definite MUST READ.

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Extremely effective and massive influence..

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It is about how to be a good friend rather than manipulating people as the title may suggest

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I found the title of this book highly off-putting, as if it were some sort of mind control trick. It isn't. It's a life-changing book about how to interact with people. It helped me break out of my lifelong introversion and learn to enjoy people. Highly recommended.

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Wish I had been taught the principles of this book starting in first grade, and every year with more in-depth details.

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One of the best how-to books I have read. It is very practical and useful. Plenty of examples and explanations. Good book for everyone who want to be a good friend/colleagues/leaders for people around yourself.

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This book was written almost seventy years ago and still the principles and strategies that are laid forth for enhancing people skills are spot on. If reading this book doesn't help you deal with people than you have no hope.

Great read

User Review  - Lori M. -

Purchased for my son in college. He loved it! Helping him to communicate better. Read full review

Great book for a sociopath

User Review  - Amit Kumar - Flipkart

Quite simple book and based on even simpler principles which we often forget in swif life! Works like charm in dealing with people, must read for everyone. How to win friends & influence people will ... Read full review

Nice book

User Review  - Shantanu Kumar - Flipkart

I hav jst started it. I will write more about it once i complete it. Ebook app of flipkart works well. bt i wish they update it and giv down scrolling feature also. Read full review

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