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The Book-of-the-Month Club dual selection, with John Gunther's Behind the Curtain (1949), for July, this projects life under perfected state controls. It presages with no uncertainty the horrors and sterility, the policing of every thought, action and word, the extinction of truth and history, the condensation of speech and writing, the utter subjection of every member of the Party. The story ... Read full review

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This prediction for a totalitarian government that watches over every citizen and their activities will send chills down the spine of the reader. Winston a citizen who grew up in this government and has watched the changes happen with in becomes even more aware of this as he has an affair with a younger coworker with them each sharing their experience. What is most powerful and remember are the lines on poster for the government reference throughout the novel like "big brother is watching" and "war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength". Not to mention the description of the government power as "those who control the past, control the future... those who control the present control, control the past". Though being heavy with descriptions that can make it hard to get through at times this novel is one that can not be put down because of its description of the government.  

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Oppression at its finest
Humans have been ruled for thousands of years by presidents, kings, and dictators. There is always some government in place to establish order and keep the nation’s peace
. The question is, “What is a government’s role in society?” Should the government be established to protect the rights, and preserve the liberties of its people? Or is the government established to protect the people from themselves? In George Orwell's 1984, the story is driven by a totalitarian government. Winston Smith, a government worker for the Ministry of Truth, finds himself trying to discover the hidden secrets of the nation, and what life was like before the infamous “party” took control. At the same time, is trying to avoid suspicion in an atmosphere where thoughts of rebellion and resistance lead to death. When I was reading this book, it really made me think about deep questions such as, “Can lies become truth if the truth is nonexistent?” This question really drives the theme of the story and plays a pivotal role in explaining what the Party’s goals are for the nation. As a clerk for the Ministry of Truth, Winston’s main job is to rewrite history in the Party’s favor. The psychological torment that Winston experiences is vivid and real. While rewriting history, Winston struggles to remember what life was like before the revolution and develops a strong hatred for the Party. This inner struggle is truly heart touching, and it forces you to feel sympathy for Winston. This book is extremely depressing. There were times when Winston thought about how one of his co-workers was too smart for the government, and that eventually the party would “vaporize” him/her from existence. Meaning they won’t just kill, but erase all evidence that they even lived in this world. I would definitely not recommend this book to younger audiences. Mainly because of the mature content this book contains, and the sophisticated ideologies that drive the plot of the story. This book is a difficult read through. I found myself constantly going over paragraphs repeatedly to find out what was really happening in the story. The book is divided into three parts. Part one was a little slow, but the background knowledge and character development that takes place creates a sturdy base, and paves the way for the rest of the plot to unfold. Overall, 1984 was a thoughtful experience. With terrific storytelling driven by fear and suspense, it is a timeless classic that deserves to be read.  

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WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH,This Slogan is mention on multiple occasion during the book 1984. The Author George Orwell has written many novels, but 1984 takes the trophy. Eric Arthur Blair known as george Orwell has written very famous novels other than 1984, for example some of his other famous novella’s would be Animal Farm that was released on 1945, which was developed into a movie, including 1984 as well, but the book is recommended over the movies any day. The reasoning for myself to read this literary masterpiece purely, because my family recommended it after i previously read Dante’s inferno which i thought to myself wasn’t a boring book at the time. 4 years later rolled around, I decide to pick it up, not knowing that it would be one of the best books i’ve read in along time. When i purchased the book i was hoping of learn about socialism, for some reason majority of people who read this book compare it to socialism, for the social classes and how they are arranged in the book, from people being considered untouchables, living in the slums of london from Bourgeoisie the middle working class making a decent living. A quick summary of 1984, main character winston who is part of the low-ranking working class, he find a diary that he purchases from a shop, one of his “friends” O’brien winston thinks he is part of the secret police, on part two of the book winston meets julia, they some what fall in love get courageous, in part 3 of the book O’brien who is actually part of the thought police caught them and turned them in to the authorities, winston comes out loving big brother, while showing no interest in julia. A great theme to this book, or author’s message would be that it demands the reader to recognize the dangers in a totalitarianism society Written on the brink of the Cold War, Orwell demands the reader to recognize the possible dangers of a totalitarianism society and its control of information and thought using both psychological and physical manipulation.
Overall opinion of the Novel, it’s one of the best books i’ve read in years, im glad i was forced, Recommend to read this book. The reason i loved this book was because the Diction inside of the novel shocked me, i actually had to research the definition of the words. The plot got me hooked even though I personally think it started slow, it picks up fast, and is a true page turner. if you are looking to have a quick read 300 plus pages this is a good book for you, if you live in the working class of society you would probably find this as one of your favorite books, or if you like to read about a government books that are based on how government show complete dominance like a totalistic Society overall i think this book is mandatory to read.

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i rely like the book i give it 5 ++
very much in two it ..

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I listened to the book on a recommendation from a friend. I was frustrated with it. It is understandable the fear and 'horror' it tried to create. It was a pre-electronic age and they really didn't understand that anything that hits the internet, as long as the power does not go out, is very hard to make go away. It reminded me of an abused child. The world is small and abusive and you do what you are told to do. I didn't like Winston. He was.... a coward. Not willing to die for what he believed in and at the same time, willing to go into pain for it? It made no sense to me. When he stated what he was willing to do, without thought, it made me angry with him. He is willing without knowing even what he is fighting for, to throw acid in a child's face? To kill whoever they told him to? No questions asked? That is the reason he is where he is and doing what he does. He is the basic evil. He does not even love the woman. He is just happy that someone pays attention to him and helps him out of his little world for a minute. They try to make this out as a book that give us a future that is "horror" but all it shows to me it that if there are Winstons around, evil will win. Karma got him. 

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I am reading this book for the first time. I am 24 years old and amazed at the precision of George Orwell's perspective on modern day.
Will check back in as soon as this one is finished.

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"Nothing exists except through human consciousness." Read full review

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