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Required reading especially now

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One of Orwells finest works he predicted many years ago in his Scifi classic that Big Brother would be watching us all. 1984 used to be required reading in school. I highly recommend this book especially now to everyone!! Read full review

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George Orwell’s classic work, 1984, serves as a warning to future generations of the evils that arise from a life under constant surveillance by an all-knowing government. Orwell paints a bleak
picture of oppression by a hierarchical system of control. 1984, with its intense use of detail, creates an image in the reader’s mind of destruction; the destruction of the free will of the individual person.
Orwell effectively achieves his purpose by creating an atmosphere where the events of the book are unpredictable. This aspect of the work reinserts fear at every turning point as Winston battles his internal struggle against his memories. The shock that Winston feels translates to the reader as well. With a changing story, Orwell alludes to how unpredictable life can be. Whereas some works can be rationalized out, this book is far away from what we perceive as government today. With the “party” controlling every aspect of society in 1984, the uncertainty of events at every turn is present.
The book’s use of detail transports the mind to Oceania. His description of the world around Winston creates a realized fear of the party as it oppresses the individual so much that thought becomes punishable by torture. The mood of the book remains bleak as Winston’s outlook on the future never changes. He repeatedly refers to himself as being dead because he knows that he has no hope for his future. This combination of detail and mood is a powerful tool that Orwell implements successfully in his work.
Theme used to illustrate Orwell’s purpose is present in the society that he creates. The inverse utopian society he fictionally creates is realistic because he uses elements of other governments that he saw around him. This structure although extreme, is believable as he describes it so well.
By: Rebecca, Priscella, Sarah, Julie, Bri, Bailey, and Lindsay

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This is one of my new favorites, and definitely a required read.

Review: 1984

User Review  - Jeff Barrett - Goodreads

George Orwell delivers a chilling depiction of a dystopian future in which the mere thoughts that run counter to the state are considered crime. A brief look of contempt at a rally is enough to land ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Kayla Krantz - Goodreads

Wow, is all i can say! I can see why this book is a classic! Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - ZoŽ - Goodreads

We have our own version of the Thought Police in our society-they are called the Social Justice Warriors. (And our Newspeak is Political Correctness). I have been meaning to read this book for a long ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Jolene C. - Goodreads

I was waiting to give my rating of "1984" until after I read "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin, the novel that inspired Orwell (although many have said that Orwell's inspiration from “We” boarders on ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Mihir Kulkarni - Goodreads

It's been two days and I have still not recovered from the shock. There are already elements in the society at present as predicted by the book. The book is terrifying and makes you contemplate about the choices that you make. Read it. Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Francesca Bracci - Goodreads

Quoting the "Afterword" here: "1984 is an expression of a mood, and it is a warning. The mood it expresses is that of near despair about the future of man, and the warning is that unless the course of ... Read full review

Review: 1984

User Review  - Kavita Ramesh - Goodreads

It gave me nightmares for days afterwards (not an exaggeration). It truly creeped the pants off of me. I still remember that last line, and it sickens me no less now, than it did then. And for that, I ... Read full review

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