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Mind Control Madness

User Review  - Rilay - Walmart

This book won't control your mind, but it does have a lot to do with mind control. 1984 is a book written by George Orwell in 1949 depicting what Orwell believed that England would look like in the ... Read full review

My son loves it!

User Review  - ARMYBRAT6722 - Walmart

My son wanted this book for his b-day. Read full review

Awesome classic up there with the best dystopians

User Review  - MrGinger - Walmart

If you have not read 1984 but have read other dystopian novels like Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, Anthem, Erewhon, or even the Hunger Games trilogy or V For Vendetta, but want more of this genre, 1984 is a must! Read full review


User Review  - AMJ27 - Walmart

What - Winston Smith a 40 year old man Where - Oceania located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean When - 1984 the same year Terminator 1 and Supergirl came out How - staying alive in a Totalitarian government Read full review

1984 book

User Review  - lord - Walmart

A real classic. Read full review

Very good book

User Review  - BigBrotherIsWatchingMe - Walmart

This book is AMAZING! I can't conceive how this book was written. There are no words to describe this book. Read full review

I heart this book!

User Review  - Eitolafatee - Walmart

This book is amazing and I definitely recommend it! Classic! Read full review


User Review  - Randal - Walmart

This story is as good now as it was way back when I had to read it for high school. This is where "big brother" came from. If you have ever been paranoid then you should read this to know why. Read full review

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