The Autobiography of P.T. Barnum: Clerk, Merchant, Editor, and Showman

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Ward and Lock, 1855 - Businessmen - 160 pages

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Page 152 - counting the chickens before they are hatched" is an error of ancient date, but it does not seem to improve by age.
Page 54 - AND against all and every other person and persons whatsoever lawfully claiming or to claim by from or under him them or any of them shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.
Page 156 - I have the confidence to own ; yet they have been fully recompensed by the sweetness and satisfaction of this retreat, where, since my resolution taken of never entering again into any public employments, I have passed five years without ever once going to town, though I am almost in sight of it, and have a house there always ready to receive me.
Page 91 - Special instructions were the same day orally given* me by Mr. Murray, by Her Majesty's command, to suffer the General to appear before her, as he would appear anywhere else, without any training in the Use of the titles of royalty, as the Queen desired to Bee him act naturally and without restraint.
Page 93 - I feel as big as anybody," upon which he strutted up and down the room as proud as a peacock, amid shouts of laughter from all present. The Queen then introduced the Princess Royal, and the General immediately led her to his elegant little sofa, which we took with us, and with much politeness sat himself down beside her. Then, rising from his seat, he went through his various performances...
Page 93 - We were ushered into this gorgeous drawing-room before the Queen and royal circle had left the dining-room, and, as they approached, the General bowed respectfully, and remarked to Her Majesty that " he had seen her before," adding, " I think this is a prettier room than the picture gallery ; that chandelier is very fine.
Page 57 - Visitor," in which the writer claimed to have made an important discovery. He stated that Joice Heth, as at present exhibited, was a humbug, whereas if the simple truth was told in regard to the exhibition, it was really vastly curious and interesting. " The fact is," said the communication, "Joice Heth is not a human being.
Page 81 - I have not eaten a warm dinner since I bought the Museum, except on the Sabbath," I replied, "and I intend never to eat another on a week-day until I get out of debt." " Ah, you are safe, and will pay for the Museum before the year is out...
Page 92 - ... stepped rather fast for the other member of the retiring party. We had a considerable distance to travel in that long gallery before reaching the door, and whenever the General found he was losing ground, he turned around and ran a few steps, then resumed his position of backing out...
Page 113 - Havana,) she expressly reserves the right to give charitable concerts whenever she thinks proper. " Since her debut in England, she has given to the poor from her own private purse more than the whole amount which I have engaged to pay her, and the proceeds of concerts for charitable purposes in Great Britain, where she has sung gratuitously, have realized more than ten times that amount.

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