Carlyle Redivivus: Being an Occasional Discourse on Sauerteig by Smelfungus

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Patrick Proctor Alexander
J. Maclehose, 1881 - 51 pages
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Page 16 - wandering, wandering in thick inextricable jungles of Wends, Kurfursts, Margraves, and the like dolefullest " ghosts of defunct bodies;" still passionately seeking for a Grimwold, and, alas ! finding none; no thrice-accursed Wend or Kurfurst of them all able to afford us the least hint of our Grimwold! Ye heavens! it is quite too bad; our
Page 18 - twaddling these poor cants and Igdrasils at us. On the whole, to dismiss this sad Kurfurst business, one feels much inclined, on the head of it, supposing such feat achievable, to kick Sauerteig as, to some extent, a sham and imposition, and desire him to refund some proportion of the moneys too
Page 15 - cants and jargonings, most peremptorily not to be here inflicted on poor innocent readers, Sauerteig, in a really rather clever, by no means quite inartistic way, will treat us as a whet, in the first instance, to some Life-image and visual presentment of
Page 17 - &c., &c." Reflections, O Sauerteig ! scientifically satisfactory to us from of old, yet somewhat, it should seem, of the barren species; on their own essentially rather poor basis satisfactory ; distinctly not satisfactory to us, bosh to us, balderdash, as regards
Page 17 - could reconcile us. Palpable carrion, O Sauerteig! at the somewhat severe rate of one pound per volume down for it! phenomenon which, even in a " swindler century," may be calculated to excite remark. Of a Sauerteig, who, advertising his
Page 16 - in whom we really had an interest, and disbursed two pounds to get news of him a little, rapt away from us so; and served up to us here, instead of him, mere disinterred carrion of Wends,
Page 17 - bosh to us, balderdash, as regards this present matter; the just rage of us, desperately seeking our Grimwold, (having paid our poor two pounds for him,) seeking, seeking through wastes of mere Wends,
Page 17 - his Grimwold, thus much may be said at least, that he has hit upon a novelty in historical method. Be the praise of originality in the matter, likewise of some audacity, nowise denied to Sauerteig ! " Igdrasil, the Life-tree !" shriekest thou, O Sauerteig ? as partly we seem to hear thee shriek; " Igdrasil! and how it all grows, and, through all "times and branchings of it, is ever mysteriously one
Page 15 - well done in the approved Sauerteig manner. "Stalwart, high " Hero-figure; steel figure on occasion; mostly in some " dubious, uncertain wrappages of buff or the like jerkins, "and other
Page 32 - the wide air, infinite small twitter and piping of glad "birds, sedulous, with gratefullest twitterings, pipings, to " welcome in the new day; ragged losels, to extent of twenty, "about to die, looking out into all this, listening to it all, too " surely for the last time, with feelings of some little

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