Geschichte der Vorstellungen und Lehren vom Selbstmorde

Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 1824 - 284 ページ

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129 ページ - A DECLARATION of that PARADOXE, OR THESIS, that Selfe-Homicide is not so Naturally Sinne, that it may never be otherwise. WHEREIN The Nature, and the extent of all these Lawes, Which seem to be violated by this Act, are diligently surveyed.
88 ページ - Papinianus tarnen scripsit, ut qui rei criminis non postulati manus sibi intulerint , bona eorum fisco non vindicentur: non enim facti sceleritatem esse obnoxiam, sed conscientiae metum in reo velut confesso teneri placuit...
2 ページ - A full Enquiry into the Subject of Suicide; to which are added (as being closely connected with the subject,) two Treatises on Duelling and Gaming.