Report of the Commisioner of Agriculture for the Year 1873

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Page 329 - An act donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts.
Page 355 - September 21, 1868, its object is represented to be "for the instruction of youth in the various common-school, academic, and collegiate branches, the best method of teaching the same, and the best mode of practical industry in its application to agriculture and the mechanic arts.
Page 188 - The odor was slightly sour. The appearance of No. 4, as seen under the microscope, of about 80 diameters, was remarkable as contrasted with No. 3. The latter specimens presented a mass of infusorial life, mycelium, and budding spores. I made many examinations of the pulp to detect starch-cells if present, but found none.
Page 188 - Peronospora infestans and the half of an Ohio potato remarkable for its healthy appearance. In No. 2 were placed a diseased potato containing Peronospora infestans and the half of a potato received from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Page 205 - Mistletoe, the seed of which germinates on the bough of the tree where it falls or is left by birds ; and the forming root penetrates the bark and engrafts itself into the wood, to which it becomes united as firmly as a natural branch to its parent stem ; and indeed the parasite lives just as if it were a branch of the tree it grows and feeds on. A most common parasitic herb is the Dodder...
Page 189 - ... action may, by this mode, be easily decided. Since the preceding experiments were made, other northern and eastern varieties have been tested by fungoid solutions in contrast with some of the New...
Page 352 - ... political, rural, and household economy, horticulture, moral philosophy, history, bookkeeping, and especially the application of science and the mechanic arts to practical agriculture in the field.
Page 160 - ... a pound.) The vine recovered. The following years all the stems which composed it were smoked with soot. This vine has a remarkable vigor, while the neighboring vines were dead or seriously injured. All vines treated with soot, used as a preservative compost, are healthier, although surrounded with diseased vines.'' We give the above extract for what it is worth, and hope some of our correspondents will try soot and report the result to the Department, as we have scarcely any of these destructive...
Page 380 - State susceptible of reclamation at moderate cost, their probable yield per acre, and the estimated income therefrom per annum. He says: According to a late report of the surveyor-general of California, there are about 3,000,000 acres of swamp and overflowed lands in this State. If these lands were all reclaimed and under cultivation, they would, in his opinion, produce more for a given number of years than all the rest of the land in the State together. To his personal knowledge 80 bushels of wheat...
Page 225 - OF WISCONSIN IN 1872. The report of Professor Daniells was not received in time to permit the use of its valuable statements and deductions in the Department annual for 1872. Concerning the season in which these experiments were conducted, Professor Daniells says that the dry summer of 1871 and small amount of rain-fall in the autumn left the soil in poor condition to withstand the drought, which began nearly as soon as crops were planted and continued until September 22, 1872. The experiments with...

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