Blood and Sand: A Novel

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E. P. Dutton, 1919 - Bullfights - 356 pages

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Many pages not readable. Who is scanning these?

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Page 43 - Everyone thought he was destined to die, gored to death in the Plaza, and for this very reason they applauded him with homicidal enthusiasm, with a barbarous interest, like that of the misanthrope, who followed a tamer everywhere, awaiting the moment when he would be devoured by his wild beasts.
Page 3 - He drank two cups of strong black coffee and then, lighting an enormous cigar, sat with his elbows resting on the table and his chin on his hands, watching with drowsy eyes the customers who, little by little, began to fill the dining-room. For many years past, ever since he had been given "la alternativa...
Page 19 - Curse you! Don't you know anything about the profession? Have you just come from the cornfields? — Corrida in Madrid, — bulls from Muira, — and you put me out red clothes like those poor Manuel, El Espartero, wore! You are so idiotic that one would think you were my enemy! It would seem that you wished for my death, you villain...
Page 44 - That bull was for some one else. He would give signs of existence when his own bull came out. But the applause at the cloak play executed by his companions, drew him out of this immobility, and in spite of his intentions he joined in the fray, performing several feats in which he showed more audacity than skill. The whole Plaza applauded him, roused by the delight they felt at his daring. When Fuentes killed his first bull, and went...
Page 350 - The silence was so profound that the slightest noise reached to the topmost benches. All heard the rattle of the pieces of wood knocking against each other. It was Gallardo, who with the point of his rapier was setting aside the burnt banderillas which had fallen down between the horns. After this arrangement, which would facilitate the mortal stroke, the crowd stretched their necks even further forward, feeling the mysterious intercourse re-established between their will and that of the matador.
Page 15 - ... a strong sweet scent. Standing by a window, through which entered the dull light of an interior courtyard, he looked at the envelope which had been delivered to him on his arrival at the hotel, admiring the elegance of the handwriting in which the address was written, — so delicate and well shaped. Then he drew out the letter, inhaling its indefinable perfume with delight. Ah ! These people of high birth who had travelled much!
Page 51 - The man hypnotised the beast, approaching so close as even to touch his pole with the banderillas. Then with short tripping steps he ran away, pursued by the bull, which followed him as though fascinated, to the opposite end of the Plaza. The animal seemed cowed by the fighter, and obeyed his every movement, until at last, thinking the game had lasted long enough, the man opened his arms with a dart in...
Page 18 - What did you think of it? Really, wasn't I splendid?" In consequence of their early comradeship he always retained the privilege of addressing his master as "tu." He could not speak otherwise to the "maestro," ! but the "tu" was accompanied by a grave face, and an expression of genuine respect.
Page 339 - The sound of steps to the rooms near, doors hurriedly opened, the panting breathing, and gasping voices of several men, as if they were staggering under a great weight. "It is nothing . . . only a bruise. You are not bleeding, before the corrida is ended you will be on your horse again.

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