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"Probably the best book you've never read!"
There is not enough space to say all that should be said about this - the greatest book ever published. It is one of the primary reasons the discovery
of the printing press even occurred. The world has been transformed by the Bible. It can go along way to providing all the answers to the world's problems - if only the world would use it. Alas, it is frequently misquoted by being taken out of context. It has been criticized by probably millions of people over its' long life span and still stands firm as the all time best seller. It cannot be changed or replaced by any other book, no matter what your beliefs are. All attempts to make its' words fit our requirement so as to ignore God inevitably fail.
What are the odds that words spoken by one man, Isaiah, 700 years before the event could accurately predict and explain the Lord's birth, his suffering and resurrection, and not be true? I am amazed by the Bible everytime I read it. God, in the form of Jesus Christ, makes it abundantly clear about who He is and why you should meet Him.
If you only read one book in your life, this is it!

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Useful. No frills. Just straight up Bible. However, the Table of Contents is messed up (stops at Obadiah) and there's only a scanned version. But overall, not bad for the money.

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