Roman Roads in Britain

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Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 1905 - Great Britain - 404 pages

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Page 379 - in the latter part of the eighteenth and the early part of the nineteenth century,
Page 14 - but their wholesale obliteration took place when turnpike roads were constructed along them or near them, in the latter part of the eighteenth, and the beginning of the nineteenth century. It would appear that the more usual plan was to use the materials of the old embankment to make a wider road, the height being reduced to insignificance in the process, and in time still
Page 292 - composed of the flat quarry stones of the country, of a good breadth, laid edgewise, and so close that it looks like the side of a wall fallen down.
Page 9 - Mox haustas aliter replere fossas, Et summo gremium parare dorso ; Ne nutent sola, ne maligna sedes, Et pressis
Page 19 - Mamucio...... Condate Deva, leg. xx vict, .... Bovio ...... Mediolano . Rutunio Urioconio. . . . . . Uxacona ...... Pennocrucio . . . . . Etoceto Manduesedo . Venonis ...... Bannaventa . Lactodoro . Magiovinto . . Durocobrivis . Verolamio . Sulloniacis . Londinio ...... Noviomago . . . . . Vagniacis . Durobrivis . Durolevo. . Duroverno . Ad portum Ritupis
Page 213 - from a Survey made in the years 1850 and 1851, by direction of his Grace the Duke of Northumberland, by Henry Maclauchlan.
Page 7 - CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION THE roads constructed during the Roman occupation do not appeal to the imagination like such remains as the Wall of Hadrian, or the ruins of an ancient city ; but when the extent and the permanent nature and effect

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