Some Rules and Orders for the Government of the House of an Earle

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R. Triphook, 1821 - England - 50 pages

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Page 7 - They must be able to iudge, not onely of the prices, but also of the goodnes of all kindes of come, Cattell, and other household provisions ; and the better to enable themselves therto, are oftentimes to ride to Fayres and great markets, and ther to have conference with Graziers and Purveiors, being men of witt and experience,
Page 39 - THE Gardiners should not onely be diligent and painefull, but also experienced and skilfull, at the least the one of them to have seene the fine gardens about London and in Kent; to be able to cast out the Quarters of the garden as may be most convenient, that the Walkes and Allies may be longe and large; to cast up mounts, and
Page 39 - to keepe and preserve them: to make fair bowling Alleys, well banked, and soaled; which being well kepte in many bowses are very profitable to the gardiners.
Page 40 - being a place not onely pleasant, but also profitable; if the Earle and Ladie often goe into it, and finding things well, he will commend the gardiners, and sometimes giving them mony will encourage them to more paines: but if they finde matters otherwise, to tell them roundely of it, they will not spare.
Page 44 - he is to sounde the third time, to call to horse. He is to ride formost, both out and into any towne, sounding his trumpet. Upon the way he may sounde for pleasure. But if he see the day so spent that they are like to bringe late to their lodging, he is to
Page 40 - It is a thing very commendable that the Earle have a faire Armorye well furnished with Armours, Weapons, and shott; and it will be a good example for such Noblemen and gentlemen as shall see the same, to furnish themselves according to their places and degrees ; for (albeit I hope, and with all my
Page 4 - or slacke in comming to the place appointed for the ordinary Lecture, or to morning and evening prayer ; and if any fayle to come to examine them and try whether ther were iust cause for their absence or not, also they are to learne and search out whether any in his house doe not
Page 5 - shall openly make recitall of all his offences, and take from him his livery, or at the least his badge, and pay him such wages as to him is due, dischardging him from comming within my house, that he may be an example to others: this shall yow doe, except my wife or
Page 32 - brother, that were his tennants, chanced to be in any Mannors or Lordshipps of his, that they might be wives to such of his servantes as for their true and painefull service deserved to be preferred, that when by age or other infirmities they did grow increpite, they should not be destitute of a dwelling place:
Page 6 - yow all, upon perill of my displeasure, and losse of yowr places of service, that none of yow be so unadvisedly hardy as to shew against my saide cheefe Officers contempt or frowardnes, ffor if any happen so to doe, I will take it as if it were done against my selfe.

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