The Goofy Sufi and His Parameters of Perception

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Daniel J Webber, 2009 - Space perception - 84 pages
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The structure of the mind is revealed through a spatio-temporal model, which uses surfing as a metaphor for cognitive processes. The relationship between surfboard design and surfing is used to understand how spatial perception underpins mindness. The discussion draws on a range of interrelated phenomena to present an ontological perspective that transcends the limitations inherent in spatial relations.

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This title is no longer available. However, the philosophy of Surfism is presented in "Surfism: The fluid foundation of consciousness", by the same author.

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“The goofy Sufi” is a unique reading experience in its genre. It is a deeply personal and deeply scientific analysis targeting philosophical dimensions of human existence.
Alas, the book focuses only
on surfing interpreted in terms of analogies from different sciences (cognitive grammar, linguistics, semiotics, fin design etc.). The author’s analogies are so surreal and the method that links them to surfing experience is so outstanding that you can’t help but say “I’ve never read anything like it”.
Amazing analytical method that transcends its own subject matter and sets human spirit in motion.
I see a huge merit of the book in the potential of another abstract layer that lies beyond the presented philosophy of surfism – an immediate metaphysical access to existence in the name of a unified science beyond space and time. Unfortunately, you can’t read anything that even vaguely refers to it on the printed pages. You have to open up the possibility. And don’t worry - you won’t be getting the point if you’re just a narcissistic surfer stuck to the self-indulgent preface.
I recommend the book to all those who are keen on expanding their horizon of understanding “unexplored” truths of human existence, and definitely not to those who are prone to falling into the pitfall of a criticism that produces value judgments and meddles in the author’s private life.
In a practical consumer world with very little or no spirituality left, there are certainly some people out there who would like to turn the book into a bedtime story or fairy tale to get their light and easy entertainment, but bear in mind that “The goofi Sufi” is not an easy stuff to read. It requires heightened senses and good maneuvering abilities on the waves of understanding.
I enjoyed this adventurous sensational journey throughout the pages. I wish I could put its metaphysical vision into words and make an audible surrealist painting out of it: the clock that stops ticking time, the wave that starts burning up space, the glow of a surfer's body that disappears in the fluid flames on the three-dimensional canvas.
Is it all about surfing?
You could have serious doubts if considering interminable textual semiosis...

About the author (2009)

Dan Webber is one of the six Webber Bros, an Australian family of surfers, sculptors, filmmakers and designers, who have been making surfboards since the 1970s. Today, Webber Surfboards are known throughout the surfing world, with a reputation built on innovative designs reflecting the family's avant-garde values and uncompromising creativity.

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