The American Practitioner: A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Volume 28

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John Morton, 1883
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Page 321 - For certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them •, and in the plainest possible words, or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain way ; and we want downright facts at present more than anything else.
Page 120 - But no one can be considered as a regular practitioner, or a fit associate in consultation, whose practice is based on an exclusive dogma, to the rejection of the accumulated experience of the profession, and of the aids actually furnished by anatomy, physiology, pathology, and organic chemistry.
Page 268 - By EDWARD ELLIS, MD, late Senior Physician to the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.
Page 192 - A Text-Book of Pathological Anatomy and Patho-Genesis. By ERNST ZIEGLER, Professor of Pathological Anatomy in the University of Tubingen. Translated and edited for English Students by DONALD MACALISTER, MA, MD, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Fellow and Medical Lecturer of St.
Page 174 - Text-books give the dose as ten minims and upwards, but five minims is the largest dose that should be given at first. If bought from a good house, the drug is not inert or unreliable. A drug having such marked physiological action ought to have a specific use as a therapeutic agent. Indian hemp has such specific use in menorrhagia — there is no medicine which has given such good results ; for this reason, it ought to take the first place as a remedy in menorrhagia, then bromide of potassium and...
Page 30 - A TREATISE ON THERAPEUTICS, comprising Materia Medica and Toxicology, with especial reference to the application of the Physiological Action of Drugs to Clinical Medicine.
Page 168 - The use of a natural cereal extractive containing saccharine and gummy matters and soluble albuminoids as well, such as our great and inspired teacher Liebig himself advocated, is in accordance with the developments of science since his time.
Page 171 - The conjunctivae are free from moisture, and the patient has sensations of heat and dryness in the eyes, which are distressing. The treatment should be discontinued, and a solution of nitrate of silver, five or ten grains to the ounce substituted ; one application daily should be made to the parts, until the normal secretions are restored ; then the sulphate of copper, in substance, is to be applied once daily to the now reduced trachoma. Under this treatment the granulations disappear very rapidly,...
Page 145 - Studies, by AUSTIN FLINT, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Page 122 - A physician eighty years of age had enjoied of a health unalterable. Theirs friends did him of it compliments every days. "" Mister doctor," they said to him, "you are admirable man. What you make then for to bear you as well?" " I shall tell you it, gentlemen/' he was answered them : " and I exhort you in same time at to follow my example. I live of the product of my ordering, without take any remedy who I command to my sicks.

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