A Critical Study of the Various Dates Assigned to the Birth of Christopher Columbus: The Real Date, 1451, with a Bibliography of the Question

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H. Stevens, son & Stiles, 1903 - History - 121 pages
This 1903 volume contains a comparative study of varying historical sources on the birth date of Christopher Columbus.

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Page 106 - Sommario dell' Historia dell' Indie occidentali cavato dalli libri scritti dal Sig. Don Pietro Martire Milanese.
Page 104 - Relation des quatre voyages entrepris par Christophe Colomb pour la decouverte du Nouveau Monde .... Traduit de I'Espagnol par E.
Page 5 - De muy pequeña edad entré en la mar navegando y lo he continuado hasta hoy [...]. Ya pasan de 40 años que yo voy en este uso: todo lo que hasta hoy se navega, todo lo he andado. Trato y conversación he tenido con gente sabia, eclesiásticos y seglares, latinos y griegos, judíos y moros, y con otros muchos de otras sectas...
Page 21 - Colomb, vol. n., no. xxii. Belgrano and Stagliano : Document no. li in Raccolta.) It is to be noted that in the original draft of this deed there is a clause, that was subsequently struck out, whereby Christopher and his brother Pellegrino intervene with the consent of their parents : It runs : —
Page 40 - Nella sua gioventu hebbe i capelli biondi, benche, giunto che fu a trenta anni, tutti gli divennero bianchi" (Ferdinand Columbus, Historie, chap.
Page 75 - ... companions in his travels, named Bartholomew and Giacomo (or Diego). We learn that, according to documents far too numerous to be quoted here, the said Domenico was a taxpaying resident in the Via di Sant Andrea, in the city of Genoa, between the years 1435 and 1470. Another and most important paper, recently discovered by the Marquis Staglieno in the Atti Notarilli of the city of Genoa, declares Christopher Columbus to be nineteen years old in 1470. He was born then, we may presume, in October...
Page 35 - ... et idoneum : et esset in potestate alterius eorum : quo casu possint se obligare auctoritate patris...
Page 4 - Ya son diez y siete años que yo vine servir estos Defines. Príncipes con la impresa de las Indias: los ocho fui traido en — disputas , y en fin se dió mi aviso por cosa de burla.
Page 20 - Suzane vendidisse et alienare velle quandam domum ipsius Dominici sitam in civitate Janue in contrata porte...
Page 2 - That he has overrun the world during 23 years almost without interruption.

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