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In the introduction to his second fulllength novel, author Joe Hill indicates that writing it was a piece of cake even while acknowledging with a painful wink and nod that it was anything but. Indeed, there was quite a bit of space between his debut, HEARTSHAPED BOX, and this muchanticipated followup work. It's not like Hill had been idle in the intervening time period. He had written a couple of ... Read full review

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Horns is a lovingly creepy book that deals with so much: love, loss, alienation, inner secrets, confession, hope and probably even more which I can't immediately determine. It's a book that I would ... Read full review

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I liked a lot about this book. I liked the writing - it was readable and kept my interest. The characters, most of them anyway, were enjoyable. The ones I did not like were written in a way that didn ... Read full review

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12/12 rating for me

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Great Read!
This is one of the best books I've read this year.

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Review: Horns
Horn's is surreal tale of demonic transformation, murder and love. When the worst thoughts of the primary character's friends and family are uncontrollably revealed, it leaves the reader
wondering if a person could ever love anyone if they knew all their dark thoughts. This book is a unique blend of a heart wrenching drama, a murder mystery, and a horror story. Overall, an intriguing read that packs a surpringly strong emotional punch (bit of tearjerker for me!). 

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Devil of a Good Read
This perverse, darkly comic tale grabs you from page one & does not let go. There are enough twists & turns balanced against finely painted characters to meet the demands of any reader. This is the first book I've read by Joe Hill - it will not be the last.

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This book definitely had a very different and interesting concept. What I did not expect was the comedy that went along with it. Ig’s new found power (which took me a bit to figure out what it was) is an interesting gift, and could potentially be either; very dangerous, hurtful, or downright hilarious. Throughout the first bits of the book I couldn’t stop laughing. The moments of Ig’s childhood years (the shopping cart incident) and the situation with the two policemen made me laugh, and kept me reading the book. Yet there were serious moments too, with Ig finding out the truth about Merrin and her death, who was really behind it, and the real true feelings of people close to him (like his parents). It’s a bit shocking, to read how his parents really felt of the situation surrounding Ig and at a certain point of the book I really felt sorry for him.
The first half of the book was really enjoyable to read. The middle part where it focuses on Ig, Merrin, and Lee wasn’t so bad. Lee’s a jerk. A real jealous one. I never really liked him to begin with and when you see his true colors, I hated him even more. Ig was such a nice guy and Lee just took advantage of that and stepped all over him. I liked Ig as a character although throughout the second half of the book he just got really strange and started behaving rather odd. This is where I thought the book was rather stuck in a rut and it suddenly dragged. I felt the pace of the book just stopped all of a sudden and started to crawl.
The ending was good and after that rut, the pace starting picking up a bit. I was definitely unprepared for the ending and it caught me by surprise. When I finished this book, I wasn’t sure how I felt. I had an empty feeling, I guess because the ending wasn’t what I expected, but also because I thought perhaps it could have ended differently. For a book that had such a promising start, the ending lacked the punch to finish it.
I would still say, give this book a chance. The idea and concept is really entertaining and interesting. If you don’t mind reading through the little stall in the middle of the book you’ll find the book isn’t so bad after all. Even though to me, it had a disappointing ending, but read it to be entertained and to have a laugh. It’s certainly worth a look through.

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Wow! I really enjoyed this book! I literally could not put it down! It had a terrific plot, wonderful characters and a devilishly different premise (ha-ha). Seriously, I cannot get over how much Hill's writing as improved since his debut novel, _Heart-Shaped Box_. It is so rare for a a second novel to outshine the first by this much! I really enjoyed it!! It was a more mature book, and I am very interested to see what Hill writes next! 

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