Leabhar Na G-ceart, Or, The Book of Rights (Google eBook)

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John O'Donovan
Celtic Society, 1847 - Irish language - 326 pages
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Page xxxv - O'Donovan, for the CELTIC SOCIETY, we have it entire. The learned editor — to whose genius and exertions Irish literature is so deeply indebted — is of opinion that 'it was drawn up in its present form some centuries after the death of Cathaeir Mor, when the race of his more illustrious sons had definite territories in Leinster.
Page 5 - The five prohibitions of the king of Laighin (Leinster) here, viz.: "To go round Tuath Laighean left-hand-wise on Wednesday; to sleep between the Dothair (Dodder) and the Duibhlinn, with his head inclining to one side; to encamp for nine days on the plains of Cualann; to travel the road of Duibhlinn on Monday; to ride on a dirty, blackheeled horse across Magh Maistean.
Page 235 - Cloud-blessing, sea-blessing, Fruit-blessing, land-blessing, Produce-blessing, dew-blessing, Blessing of the elements, blessing of prowess, Blessing of chivalry, blessing of voice, Blessing of deeds, blessing of magnificence, * Blessing of happiness, be upon you all, Laics, clerics, while I command The blessing of the men of heaven, It is my bequest, as it is a perpetual blessing.
Page 87 - Araf of beauty is entitled From the king of Eire of the comely face To six swords, six praised shields And six mantles of deep purple. The stipend of the king of Eile' of the gold From the king of Caiseal of the banquets, Six shields and six bright swords, Six bondmen, six bondwomen. Be he sage, or be he distinguished ollamh, He has the support of Mac...
Page vi - Edward O'Reilly (in his Irish Writers, p. 28), saw the fallacy of attributing the authorship of the Book of Rights, in its present form, to St. Benean, and expressed his doubts as to the fact, as the ''language, and some internal evidences in the composition, show it to be at least enlarged and altered in a period nearer to our own times.
Page 23 - Ulster was forbidden to attend the horse fair at Rath Line among the youths of Dal Araidhe, to listen to the fluttering of the flocks of birds of Linn Saileach after sunset, to celebrate the feast of the bull of Daire-mic-Daire, to go into Magh Cobha in the month of March, and to drink of the water of Bo Neimhidh between two darknesses.
Page 69 - Caiseal to the kings of his territories : A seat by his side in the first place, and ten steeds and ten dresses and two rings and two chess-boards to the king of Dal Chais; and to go with him in the van to an external country, and follow in the rear of all on his return. Ten steeds and ten drinking-horns and ten swords and ten shields and ten seings and two rings and two chess-boards to the king of Gabhran.
Page 7 - Teamhair, the assemblies of Eire were dissolved for seven years, so that they pronounced no decision on debts, debtors, or disputes, till the next feast, after [the expiration of] seven years. It is certain to the kings of Eire that if they avoid their " geasa" (restrictions), and obtain their "buadha" (prerogatives), they shall meet no mischance or misfortune; no epidemic or mortality shall occur in their reigns, and they shall not experience the decay of age for the space of ninety years. The poet...
Page vi - It gives," says the Introduction to the edition published by the Celtic Society, Dublin, 1847 (quoted by O'Curry), "an account of the rights of the monarchs of all Ireland and the revenues payable to them by the principal kings of the several provinces, and of the stipends paid by the monarchs to the inferior kings for their services.
Page 11 - The water of the well of Tlachtgha* too ; And the swift deer of Luibneach". Let his seven restrictions be read, — no reproach, To the king of Teamhair ; if he observe them It will guard against treachery in battle, And the pollution of hia high attributes.

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