Edinburgh Medical Journal, Volume 30, Part 1

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1885 - Medicine
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Page 4 - That friend of mine who lives in God, That God, which ever lives and loves, One God, one law, one element, And one far-off divine event, To which the whole creation moves.
Page 358 - We pass ; the path that each man trod Is dim, or will be dim, with weeds : What fame is left for human deeds In endless age ? It rests with God.
Page 338 - ... who finds her uterus, like her nose,, is a little on one side ; or again, like that organ, is running a little, or it is as flabby as her biceps, so that the unhappy viscus is impaled...
Page 93 - Who never ate his bread in sorrow, Who never spent the midnight hours Weeping and waiting for the morrow, — He knows you not, ye heavenly powers.
Page 94 - For instance, both a soul may lose ; Both have been tanned ; both are made tight By cobblers ; both get left and right. Both need a mate to be complete ; And both are made to go on feet. They both need healing ; oft are sold, And both in time will turn to mold.
Page 89 - Medical) that any fistula amenable to treatment by the elastic ligature may be cured by simple drainage of the fistulous tract. The drainage-tube is inserted by means of a stylet passed up the tract from the external opening. At the end of two or three weeks the drainage-tube falls out, after having destroyed the superficial wall of the fistula. A granulating surface of small extent is left, which rapidly heals by cicatrization. The procedure is wholly painless, and the patient may pursue his ordinary...
Page 371 - At their conclusion the Candidate will be required to pass an examination on the subjects taught in the School. The Examination will be conducted by the Professors of the School.
Page 92 - If he uses any of the popular remedies of the day, it is to cater to the whims and prejudices of the people, to fill his pockets ; if he don't use them, it is from professional selfishness.
Page 179 - Antiseptic injections, both. vaginal and intra-uterine, are of great service when the indications for their use are clearly shown by local signs or general symptoms, but they cannot be recommended with safety as a routine practice on theoretical grounds, as, for obvious reasons, they may be most detrimental in retarding the cicatrization of lesions and the other processes of normal convalescence, and are otherwise sometimes dangerous.
Page 370 - Drugs, (The examination in Medicine and Surgery will be in part practical, and will include operations on the dead body, the application of Surgical Apparatus, and the examination of medical and surgical patients at the bedside. The...

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