Etidorhpa Or The End of the Earth

Front Cover
Kessinger Publishing, Jan 1, 1992 - Fiction - 375 pages
The Strange History of a Mysterious Being and the Account of the Initiate's Remarkable Journey. This edition contains the expanded and enlarged version. This is the most fascinating, fictional, alchemical work, of Freemasonry. Join this student and his Adept Guide on an alchemical journey to the "End of the Earth." Contents: My Purpose is to Tell the Truth; Never Less Alone than When Alone; A Search for Knowledge-The Alchemist Letter; Writing of My Confession; Kidnapped; I am Prematurely Aged; A Lesson in Mind Study; My Journey Towards the End of Earth Begins- Adepts' Brotherhood; My Journey Continues-A Cavern Discovered Punch-Bowls and Caverns of Kentucky-A Zone of Light Deep Within the Earth; Enchantment; I Rebel Against Continuing the Journey; I-Am-The-Man, "You Can Not Disprove, and You Dare Not Admit"; "Lead Me Deeper Into This Expanding Study"; Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare-The Living Brain; Primary Colors are Capable of Father Subdivision; I cease to Breathe, and Yet Live; Drunkenness; Further Temptation-Etidorhpa; Misery; Eternity Without Time; My Heart Throb is Stilled, and Yet I Live; The End of Gravitation-In the Bottomless Gulf; Hearing Without Ears-My Weight Annihilated-"The End of Earth."; The Last Farewell; Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp, who illustrated the Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. For an excellent book on the author's homeopathic remedies, see our other book by Dr. Eli Jones, called, "Definite Medication: Containing Therapeutic Facts Gleaned from Forty Years Practice (1911).

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