The Aspirations of Bulgaria

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Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company, Limited, 1915 - Balkan Peninsula - 249 pages

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Page 62 - Now, after your declaration, I communicate ours to you. Do not expect anything from us, and forget the existence of any of our engagements from 1902 until today.
Page 249 - Veles was the only area in Macedonia. But Article 10 of the Firman establishing the Exarchate stated: 'If the inhabitants of any other places besides those mentioned above, and professing the Orthodox faith, should wish unanimously, or if at least two-thirds of them should wish to be subject to the Bulgarian Exarchate, and if subsequent investigation should prove this to be so, their desire ought to be gratified.
Page 133 - October 1oth, 1914. of such a course, and in that way Bulgaria was brought to this present critical moment. We think to-day, as we thought then, that the salvation of our State can only be found in a policy of intimate friendship with AustriaHungary.
Page 218 - The cross-legged attitude of many effigies of the last half of the thirteenth century and the first half of the fourteenth was a peculiar convention of English sculpture, and bore no reference whatever to the Crusades.
Page 45 - Majesty that a war between the Allies would not find me indifferent. In fact, I should like to make it clear that the State which commences that war will be held responsible before the Slav cause, and that I reserve to myself full liberty concerning the attitude which Russia will adopt at the end of such a criminal war.
Page 89 - Annex and military conventions, is to be submitted to the final decision of Russia as soon as one or other party declares that it is impossible to reach an agreement with the other party by direct negotiation.
Page 139 - Zgovor, the main purpose of which was to popularize the idea of a reconstruction of the Balkan League under Entente auspices. It cannot any longer be denied [he writes] that AustriaHungary drew Bulgaria into the war with the Balkan Allies. That war was a vital question for Austria, and in order to provoke an armed conflict, Austria-Hungary had in all likelihood promised that she would support Bulgaria not only diplomatically but also by other and more efficacious means — by war ! By such a promise...
Page 111 - ... The separate Convention concluded on the 30th January, 1923, between Greece and Turkey, relating to the exchange of the Greek and Turkish populations, will have as between these two High Contracting Parties the same force and effect as if it formed part of the present Treaty. ARTICLE 143. The present Treaty shall be ratified as soon as possible. The ratifications shall be deposited at Paris. The Japanese Government will be entitled merely to inform the Government of the French Republic through...
Page 246 - Our sublime firman, shall mention the name of the Patriarch in the prayers in accordance with the rubric of the Church ; but previous to his election, the person considered worthy of the office of exarch must be personally presented to My Government. Article...
Page 187 - World War. It brought forth a passionate outburst of the great Russian writer Leonid Andreef, who characterized the Bulgarian attitude in the following caustic words: "The Slav world is stricken with shame and turns its eyes earthward whenever the name Bulgarian is uttered. You Bulgars have a Slav heart but German brains, and your tongue, like that of the snake, is split in twain. And if you were to strike stealthily with your dagger from the rear, that would be a fine piece of strategy and a unique...

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