Illustrated Botany Containing a Floral Dictionary: And a Glossary of Scientific Terms ...

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Fowlers and Wells, 1850 - Botany - 226 pages
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Page 84 - Could raise the daisy's purple bud ! Mould its green cup, its wiry stem, Its fringed border nicely spin, And cut the gold-embossed gem, That, set in silver, gleams within ! And fling it, unrestrained and free, O'er hill and dale, and desert sod, That man, where'er he walks, may see In every step the stamp of God.
Page 43 - Below, a circling fence, its leaves are seen Wrinkled and keen ; No grazing cattle through their prickly round Can reach to wound ; But as they grow where nothing is to fear, Smooth and unarmed the pointless leaves appear.
Page 23 - In a golden current on, Ere from the garden, man's first abode, The glorious guests were gone. So might the days have been brightly told — Those days of song and dreams — When shepherds gather'd their flocks of old By the blue Arcadian streams. So in those isles of delight, that rest Far off in a breezeless main, Which many a bark, with a weary quest, Has sought, but still in vain.
Page 84 - NOT worlds on worlds in phalanx deep, Need we to prove a God is here ; The daisy, fresh from Winter's sleep, Tells of His hand in lines as clear.
Page 184 - IN Eastern lands they talk in flowers, And they tell in a garland their loves and cares ; Each blossom that blooms in their garden bowers, On its leaves a mystic language bears.
Page 23 - TwAs a lovely thought to mark the hours, As they floated in light away, By the opening and the folding flowers, That laugh to the summer's day. Thus had each moment its own rich hue, And its graceful cup and bell, In whose coloured vase might sleep the dew, Like a pearl in an ocean-shell.
Page 70 - The Fox-glove on fair Flora's hand is worn, Lest while she gathers flowers she finds a thorn.
Page 79 - ... the other on the same petiole was quiescent; sometimes a few leaflets only were in motion, then almost all of them would be in movement, at once ; the whole plant was very seldom agitated, and that only during the first year. It continued to move in the stove during the second year of its growth, and was not at rest even in winter.
Page 43 - The economy of trees, plants, and vegetables, is a curious subject of inquiry, and in all of them we may trace the hand of a beneficent Creator ; the same care which he has bestowed on his creatures is extended to plants; this is remarkably the case with respect to hollies: the edges of the leaves are provided with strong sharp spines, as high up as they are within the reach of cattle ; above that height the leaves are generally smooth, the protecting spines being no longer necessary.
Page 184 - In the glossy leaf of the Bay are given. The silent, soft, and humble heart, In the Violet's hidden sweetness breathes ; And the tender soul that cannot part, A twine of Evergreen fondly wreathes. The Cypress that daily...

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