The Interior Castle: Or, The Mansions

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10-2-08 Stopped reading p. 23

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I wrote a review for her The Way of Perfection read that apply it to this but multiple by 10 because this in my opinion is in the top 10 of all-time Christian works concerning spiritual matters. This book will help you grow in the spiritual life of a believer of Jesus Christ and as member of His Body the Church. You can read it 10 times and always come away with new insights, new ways to walk with and in the Holy Spirit in both your prayer life and your worship. Sister Teresa is as real as they come as a human being yet her spirituality seems to me limitless, her humility pure and unaffected, her love of the Lord so intense as to crack the heart of the coldest believer. She is where I saw the reality of a heart of stone being replaced with a heart of flesh it can be hurt so much more but you then can experience the joy of the Lord that makes one want to drop the burden of day to day citizen working for a paycheck and fighting to get ahead and try to make that once a week trip to Church because you know you should and dropping that to follow with your whole being the life devoted to the Triune God and to serve His Living Body the Church. This is a place no other writer has made me see, feel, and desire. Take it up and read....take it up and read....You just never know where that can lead. 

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