Samurai Swordsman: Master of War

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Tuttle Publishing, Jul 3, 2012 - History - 208 pages
This Samurai history, filled with dozens of woodblock prints and photographs, is an authoritative text on Japan's most fearsome warriors.

Through fascinating stories and full-color historical images that show the samurai in mesmerizing detail, military historian Stephen Turnbull provides an invaluable guide to an enduring legacy.

The earliest samurai warriors were actually aristocratic mounted archers, not swordsmen. Only as the archer gave way to the mounted spearman did swordsmanship come into play. Turnbull details how the history and the legacy of the samurai developed over centuries into a multifaceted, richly elaborate tapestry of martial and societal traditions.

From the first recorded use of the word samurai in the eighth century to the final wars waged in resistance to the Meiji government in the late nineteenth century, this Japanese history book recounts the complex history of these warriors and demonstrates why the samurai continue to fascinate the world today.

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Samurai Arms and Armor 16
The Sword in Combat 25
HandtoHand Fighting 30
The Second Mongol Invasion 40
Sword and Spear 48
The Sword in Battle 57
The Brave Makara Family 63
Bodyguards and Battles 117
The Igagoe Vendetta 125
Rōnin and Reality 136
Tomoe Gozenthe Beautiful Samurai 142
Women of the Ikkōikki 150
The Women Warriors of Aizu 152
Sword of Peace 160
Classifying the Martial Arts 166

The Warrior Pilgrimage 75
Death of a Swordsman 80
Sword and Sensei 86
Ryūha and Rivalry 94
The Fight for Succession 100
The Brave Otokodate 108
Chiba Shūsaku 174
Men of High Purpose 180
Their Finest Hour 187
The Divine Wind 192
Glossary 201

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