Wissenschaftliche abhandlungen, Volume 3

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J.A. Barth, 1895 - Physics
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Page 86 - I think that the facts leave no doubt that the very mightiest among the chemical forces are of electric origin. The atoms cling to their electric charges, and opposite electric charges cling to each other ; but I do not suppose that other molecular forces are excluded working directly from atom to atom.
Page 74 - I have already remarked, the law that the intensity of the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and directly proportional to the...
Page 85 - ... chemical aid, the want in the former being made up by an equivalent of the latter; that, in other words, the forces termed chemical affinity and electricity are one and the same.
Page 56 - In this way real changes corresponding to that hypothetical electrotonic state were demonstrated, and now, with quite a wonderful sagacity and intellectual precision, Faraday performed in his brain the work of a great mathematician without using a single mathematical formula.
Page 86 - If we conclude from the facts that every unit of affinity is charged with one equivalent either of positive or of negative electricity, they can form compounds, being electrically neutral only if every unit charged positively unites under the influence of a mighty electric attraction with another unit charged negatively.
Page 53 - Faraday's contemporaries, appeared either vague or obscure ; and it is in the highest degree astonishing to see what a large number of general theorems, the methodical deduction of which requires the highest powers of mathematical analysis, he found by a kind of intuition, with the security of instinct, without the help of a single mathematical formula.
Page 69 - If we accept the hypothesis that the elementary substances are composed of atoms we cannot avoid concluding that electricity also, positive as well as negative, is divided into definite elementary portions, which behave like atoms of electricity.
Page 119 - Systemen solche mechanische Systeme, in deren Innerem eine oder mehrere stationäre, in sich zurücklaufende Bewegungen vorkommen, die aber, wenn es mehrere sind, in ihrer Geschwindigkeit nur von einem Parameter abhängen. Ich setze ferner voraus, dass zwischen den einzelnen Körpern, welche das System bilden, nur conservative Kräfte wirken, beziehlich feste Verbindungen bestehen, während die äusseren Kräfte, welche noch hinzukommen, nicht nothwendig conservativ zu sein brauchen.
Page 360 - natürliche" von uns festgehalten wird. Die Bezeichnung der „natürlichen" Zahlenreihe hat sich wohl nur an eine bestimmte Anwendung des Zählens geknüpft, nämlich an die Ermittelung der Anzahl gegebener reeller Dinge. Indem wir von diesen eines nach dem andern dem gezählten Haufen zuwerfen, folgen die Zahlen bei einem natürlichen Vorgang auf einander in ihrer gesetzmässigen Reihe. Mit der Reihenfolge der Zahlzeichen hat dies nichts zu...
Page 83 - Daniell's cell) the phenomena are the same as if equivalents of positive and negative electricity were attracted by different atoms, and perhaps also by the different values of affinity belonging to the same atom, with different force...

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