Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency ..., Volume 7

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Printed at the Government Central Press, 1883 - Bombay (India : State)
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Page 419 - ... exchequer, though in some cases administered by those whom for his purposes he had placed in the regular official department. It is no wonder that he has taken to himself an extraordinary degree of merit. For surely such an invention of finance I believe never was heard of, — an exchequer wherein extortion was the assessor, fraud the cashier, confusion the accountant, concealment the reporter, and oblivion the remembrancer...
Page 586 - The mountains here approach nearer the houfe, between two of which runs a valley about a mile in length ; and a quarter of a mile in breadth.
Page 298 - Company, to act with the subsidiary force wherever it may be employed, and to be subject to the general command of the officer commanding the British troops, a body of 3,000 effective cavalry, to be supported exclusively at the expense of His Highness the...
Page 207 - Muzumdar, or even should I myself or my successor commit anything improper or unjust, the English Government should interfere...
Page 142 - Most of the roads are so narrow, that carts can only pass each other at certain places ; it is therefore no uncommon occurrence at the latter end of the year for a road to be blocked up for an hour or so by a cart sticking fast. Those across the black soil, consist generally only of a rut for each wheel, in which also the bullocks walk. In places that have been covered long with water, owing to the regular stepping of these animals, the surface seems as if it had been ploughed into transverse furrows;...
Page 142 - In places that have been covered long with water, owing to the regular stepping of the bullocks, the surface seems as if it had been ploughed into transverse furrows ; in other places the whole surface is covered with little detached knolls of earth and grass.
Page 246 - Vaniram and his master relentlessly attacked the bankers and others who held British guarantee; the remonstrances of the Agent, of the Government of Bombay, and of the Supreme Government were set at naught.
Page 298 - Guikwar, and that His Highness will conform to the advice and suggestions of the British Government relative to the formation and equipment of the contingent of horse, its regular monthly payment, the condition of its arms and accoutrements according to the customs of the...
Page 324 - Halar suffered considerably from friends and foes.8 In the same year Babaji Appa'ji discovered large peculations on the part of the manager of Kdthidwar, and recovered about one-half of them for the State amounting to over seven Idkhs.3 Though it does not fall within the scope of this chapter to give a detailed account of Okhamandal, some allusion must here be made to that portion of the peninsula, as one of the general ends the Bombay Government and Colonel Walker had in view, when they began to...
Page 216 - SayajiraV ascended the gddi. Then it ceased for a time only, till the necessities or the avarice of the head of the State forced him once again to sell every kind of power to the farmer of revenue. The real reform of these old abuses has been the work of the present administration during the past six years, and it has not yet been brought to a conclusion. On the 28th of November 1810, Babaji Appaji died 'exhorting Fatesing to remember all that the British alliance had done for him.

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