The Boston Almanac and Business Directory, Volume 57

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Sampson, Davenport, 1892 - Almanacs, American
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Page 33 - States are divided into the nine following judicial circuits, in each of which a Circuit Court is held twice every year, for each State within the circuit, by a Justice of the Supreme Court, assigned to the circuit, and by the District Judge of the State or District, in which the Court sits.
Page 15 - *Hniti(/, registering, or countersigning the certificates of stock, bonds, or other evidences of debt, and for the payment of dividends and interest of...
Page 43 - Over $2.50 and not exceeding $5 _ 5 cents Over $5 and not exceeding $10 8 cents Over $10 and not exceeding $20 10 cents Over $20 and not exceeding $30 12 cents Over $30 and not exceeding $40...
Page 43 - Over $5 and not exceeding $10 8 cents. Over $10 and not exceeding $15 10 cents. Over $15 and not exceeding $30 15 cents. Over $30 and not exceeding $40 20 cents. Over $40 and not exceeding $50 25 cents. Over $50 and not exceeding $60 30 cents.
Page 38 - information signal " consists of a yellow pennant, of the same dimensions as the red and the white pennants (wind direction signals), and when displayed indicates that the local observer has received information from the central office of a storm covering a limited area, dangerous only for vessels about to sail to certain points. The signal will serve as a notification to ship-masters that the necessary information will be given them upon application to the local observer. The use of this signal...
Page 33 - shall be the duty of the chief justice, and of each justice of the Supreme Court, to attend at least one term of the Circuit Court, in each district of the circuit to which he is allotted during every period of two years.
Page 44 - All transient mailer must be sent in a cover open at the ends or sides. There must be no word or communication written on the same after its publication, or upon the cover, except the name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent, and the name of the person sending same. There must be no paper or other thing inclosed in or with such printed matter. Parcel Postage. — All articles of merchandise (except poisons explosive materials, etc., liable to injure the mails), 1 cent for every ounce,...
Page 38 - A cautionary signal: A yellow flag with white centre will indicate that the winds expected are not so severe, but that well-found and seaworthy vessels can meet them without great danger.
Page 599 - All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And each man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.
Page 33 - The Supreme Court shall hold at the seat of government, one term annually, commencing on the second Monday in October, and such adjourned or special terms as it may find necessary for the dispatch of business.

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