How Not To Kill: your spouse, kids, and coworkers

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"Out of all the relationship books I’ve read, this one's at the top of my list! The first book I would recommend to anyone. It's funny, inspiring, with incredibly powerful ideas." – Dr. Mike Nichols

“The principles in this book have literally changed my life, and given me practical tools for every relationship. I am confident it can do the same for you, wherever you are on your journey." – Melissa Drobnak

“This book gives hope to the hopeless relationship. Each chapter gets straight to the heart of relationship issues and provides the know how to make change happen.” – Chelsea Wells

Filled with moments to make you laugh, stories to inspire you, and insights to find effective solutions, these pages contain tools for every relationship you face. Developed from decades of research and clinical experience, Dr. Nealy Brown has introduced thousands across the globe to these life changing truths. Learn how to navigate difficult situations, quickly end conflicts, and touch cold hearts, even in your most challenging relationships, through simple, practical methods.  Discover true stories of people facing impossible bosses, shattered marriages, and distant kids, and the steps that lead to amazing relationships where you never before thought it was possible.

  • Restore your marriage even after your spouse has walked out.
  • Heal that relationship with your teenager who’s slipping away.
  • Revive your work life in the job you dread to face each day.
  • Strengthen your healthy relationships even further.


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The review written in 2013 was from one of the authors husbands and is a biased review. At least one of the authors does not walk her talk and lives have been destroyed due to her failure to address gross negligence and ethical violations of her peer. A vulnerable student trusted her guidance, as did the individuals in the life of that student, and it resulted in mass destruction. The author continues to choose not to walk the talk she espouses to believe in the book and as a result lives will never be the same. The student had an amazing life, a bright future, and unshakable faith in God. The student was abused by the individual the author told the student to trust, his/her life was destroyed, and the lives of the student were destroyed too. This is why so many want nothing to do with God, the church, and so called 'Christians'. Woman up. 

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This is one incredible relationship saving book. I've read a lot of the top relationship books and this is by far my favorite. I experienced laughter and tears reading real stories getting to the heart of the matter in every relationship type. It gave great self evaluation tools that inspired me to take action and make changes even when it didn't seem that it was possible to help certain relationships. I can testify that it made a difference and I have a restored marriage to show for the substance within the pages of this book. This book WILL help you to have healthier relationships!  

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Dr. Nealy Pardee Brown has spent over 15 years working with difficult relationships, as a counselor, speaker, professor, and chaplain in the US Air Force Reserve. She is a licensed as a counselor and supervisor, has a MA in Counseling and PhD in Psychology, and serves as the Discipline Chair for Psychology and Sociology at Azusa Pacific Online University. But, her favorite roles are wife and mother.

Sarah Tierney is a licensed professional counselor with a MA in Counseling. She enjoys teaching, counseling, writing, and blogging at Sarah is loving life with her husband and daughter in Illinois.

Shannon Hunt has a MA in Counseling and has served as a counselor, life coach, crisis interventionist, and professor. Shannon has been blessed with a wonderful husband, partner, and best friend in life. Having been married for over 15 years, they celebrate each day with their two children.

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