Russo-Japanese war, Volume 2

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Kinkodo pub. co., 1904 - History
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Page 588 - Superiors must never be proud or haughty towards those of lower rank, and severity of discipline must be reserved for exceptional cases. In all other cases superiors must treat those beneath them with kindness and especial clemency, so that all men may unite as one man in the service of the country. If you do not observe courtesy of...
Page 586 - ... to the observance of your principal duty, which is loyalty, remembering always that duty is heavier than a mountain (and so to be much regarded), while death is lighter than a feather (and therefore to be despised). Never spoil your good name by a violation of good faith.
Page 586 - If it rises with honour, We will enjoy the fruits of it with you. Stand firm in your duty; assist Us in protecting the country; and the result must be the prosperity of the nation, and the enhancement of Our country's reputation.
Page 703 - The man who left on the memory of those who witnessed his life and conversation such an impression of his moral grandeur that eighteen subsequent centuries have done homage to him as the Almighty in person, was ignominiously put to death, as what?
Page 590 - ... you refrain from action. The history of all ages gives us examples of the truth of this: many great men and heroes have perished or dishonored themselves by trying to be faithful and righteous in small things, and mistaking fundamental reason, or by observing individual faithfulness at the expense of justice. You must take heed not to fall in this way. (5) It is incumbent upon soldiers to be simple and frugal. If you do not observe simplicity and frugality, you will become weak and falsehearted,...
Page 586 - Our country's reputation. This is not all We wish to say to you. We have more advice for you, as follows : — 1. The principal duty of soldiers is loyalty to Sovereign and Country. It is not probable that any one born in this country will be wanting in patriotism ; but for soldiers this virtue is so essential that unless a man be strong in patriotism he will be unfitted for his service. Disloyal men are like dolls, however expert and skilful they may be in their military art and science, and a troop...
Page 590 - Articles must never for a moment be neglected by you, and you will require a true heart to put them into practice. The Five Articles are the spirit of the man of arms, and the true heart is the spirit of the Five Articles. If the heart be not true, good words and good conduct are nothing but useless external ornaments. If the heart be true, you can accomplish everything.
Page 589 - ... will be in an embarrassing situation which may drive you to become unfaithful or unrighteous; and in such a case you will have no remedy, but only vain regrets. Before embarking on any action, you must first consider whether it is right or wrong to do such a thing, and then take a firm stand upon reason. If you have reason to think that you cannot keep your word, or that the duty is too heavy, it will be wise if you refrain from action. The history of all ages gives us examples of the truth of...
Page 768 - It is designed, henceforth, that education shall be so diffused that there may not be a village with an ignorant family, nor a family with an ignorant member.
Page 590 - ... your bravery will avail to save you from the contempt and hatred of your fellow men. This is one of the greatest sources of human misery, and if this evil be once allowed to seize hold of the Army and Navy, it will promptly spread like an epidemic, and all esprit de corps and discipline will be broken through. We have been very much concerned about this, and have issued disciplinary regulations designed for the prevention of luxury; and now Our constant concern leads Us to tender you this advice,...

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